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Mini Clubvan Concept To Become Production Model, Come To U.S.

William Maley
Editor/Reporter - CheersandGears.com
April 23, 2012

At the Geneva Motor Show in March, Mini showed off a cargo van concept based on their Clubman called the Clubvan. The Clubvan drops the back seats and windows, and in their place comes in a flat load floor, steel grill to separate cargo and the front seats, and other items you expect in a cargo van.

Car & Driver has learned that the Clubvan will go into production and come to the U.S. later this year as a 2013 model. The production model will come with a stainless-steel grille separating the passenger and cargo area, an aluminum cargo rail in the rear hold, six tie-down hooks, a cloth-trimmed load floor with a matching roof liner, and an integrated power socket in the cargo area.

Mini says the Clubvan will offer increased load capacity compared with the Clubman, but didn’t give out a number.

As for engines, Mini isn’t saying if the Clubman’s 121 HP naturally aspirated four, or if the Clubman S’s 181 HP turbocharged engine will be available.

Source: Car & Driver
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Too close to the original, and not possessing enough space to be a van.

I think it would have made more sense to start with the Countryman, make it a two door and "van" it. Even call it the "CountryVan".
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WOW, The next must have vehicle for serial murders.

The ClubVan, I wonder if it comes with it's own club to wack people into the secured back. ;)

Course I could see dog lovers wanting this for their pets too.

I will pass on it as it is way to small for us big guys.
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