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  • David

    EV Batteries Appear to Outlast the Auto's they are in

      Haters of EVs have stated that EVs will leave the world awash in used battery packs and Nissan has stated that is just not true.

    Seems since the start of the auto industry there has always been a push in a certain direction and much of that has been driven by the oil industry with ICE autos. With the start of the electrical vehicle the media narrative has been the world will be awash in dead batteries clogging up landfills and adding an expense to consumers in having to replace a $10,000 or more battery pack.

    Lately an interesting counter point was made in a story by Forbes magazine in an interview with Nissan executive Nic Thomas who has gone on record that for the last 12 years that Nissan has been selling their electric Leaf auto that almost all of the lithium-ion batteries they have produced are still working just fine in their cars. In fact, Nissan is now expecting the battery packs to outlast the life expectancy of the Nissan Leaf auto. Nissan expects their Leaf to easily last 20 years.

    Since the Leaf went on sale in 2010, the worry by opponents to EVs was that the world would have to deal with millions upon millions of spent EV battery packs. As such many Legacy Auto Companies have set up battery recycling centers and yet due to the sophisticated battery management systems that have been guarding the long-term health of these batteries very little has found its way back for recycling.

    In fact, for EVs from Hyundai, the owner gets a lifetime warranty where Kia has given their EV battery packs a 10-year warranty. GM has chosen to give all their EVs an 8-year 100,000-mile warranty on their Ultium battery system. Ford has also gone with an 8-year, 100,000-mile battery pack warranty.

    Yet the end result is that the battery packs in the Hybrid and BEVs are lasting far longer than ever expected. Nissan has gone on record that after 20 years; they expect the average Leaf battery pack to have 60 to 70% capacity still making it usable for other products such as a home energy storage system. The average battery life is expected to outlast the average auto life.

    As Nissan has pointed out, battery degradation in EVs is a major concern among both buyers and manufacturers. Nissan assures that the problem is not an issue especially as folks move to newer EVs such as the Nissan Ariya.

    Nissan says that down the road, it will probably be more sustainable to recycle the auto and reuse the battery pack. To date, Nissan has stated they have only recovered a small quantity of the Leaf's batteries, the majority of them from accidents and a smaller number for those that have not complied with the conditions of the guarantee. Where at all possible, the batteries are sent to stationary storage systems for extended life use such as the Nissan Factory in Sunderland, England, which uses the batteries to store energy from solar panels and wind turbines to power the factory.

    The International Energy Angecy (IEA) says they estimate current global recycling capacity at around 180,000 metric tons per year. The IEA has stated that by 2040, they estimate 1,300 GWh of spent batteries that will need to be recycled. One area that is of interest is the denser and longer range of solid-state batteries.

    Nissan LEAF Battery Replacement

    The owner of the Nissan LEAF Battery Replacement site and owner of Nissan Leafs has gone through 3 battery replacements and felt a site was needed to help all EV owners know where to go for battery repairs and replacement so they could avoid paying the extreme arke




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    1 hour ago, David said:

    Seems since the start of the auto industry there has always been a push in a certain direction and much of that has been driven by the oil industry with ICE autos. With the start of the electrical vehicle the media narrative has been the world will be awash in dead batteries clogging up landfills and adding an expense to consumers in having to replace a $10,000 or more battery pack


    All anti-EV FUD from people that have vested interest in NOT promoting EVs for one reason or other. 

    That is why I got aggressive with @ccap41 the other day because it is frustrating when I know what is being transmitted is bullshyte, fear mongering and lies. 

    And there is NO excuse to spew that kind of bullshyte when open news is available to us, North Americans, no matter where we live in North America to access the reality of it all.

    We could discuss and voice our concerns, especially when a solution is available in one area but not in another.  Im not soooo close minded that I cannot accept somebody else's reality. 


    I have access to news. To realities other than my own that I could access myself.

    And if you read my posts to him, you would realize that I lent myself to be in HIS shoes where HE lives...

    But the same was NOT presented by him to me. And @Drew Dowdell as it where...

    With these batteries that will be spent or outlive the cars they reside in or whatever...

    Many GLOBAL solutions are being talked about on what to do with them.  MANY solutions have been presented and probably be put into action.

    And how do I know this?

    Well, I wouldnt be able to talk to you guys without this thing called the internet.  The WORLD WIDE WEB thingy. The www.----------.com or .ca or .org or any other domain.  We as North Americans have access to that kind of freedom...  

    And to you of course, Dave.  You keep us informed with EV news almost on a daily basis.  THANK-YOU!!! 


    1. Recycling centers to recycle the batteries

     2. back up power  to power government buildings,  hospitals, factories and even private houses as a collection of batteries...

    And many more ways of batteries that do not pass muster on the EVs that we buy...

    And all that I said could easily be googled and verified.   And it wont be fakenews as these solutions are GLOBAL.

    From Japan and Chine to Korea and Thailand to Canada, Brasil Mexico and the US. To Germany and France and England and Australia and any other country I didnt mention...


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    @oldshurst442 Interesting that Musk posted a picture taken by Drone of their huge MegaPack Tesla Power Storage system that will allow them to not loose any power generated by Solar or Wind and in the background is the soon to be decommissioned Coal Power Plant. On the day that the next batch of MegaPacks arrived was also the day the last shipment of coal came to Maui and the plant is to be offline by the end of the year. Tesla is supposed to have this MegaPack storage online by the end of September.


    Then you have the fear mongering from this terrible news site. 


    That was one thing I found interesting on my vacation to Maui was the amount of wind generators offline due to no need for the power or way to store it. Tesla MegaPack will help with storing the energy for use at night.

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