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  • Drew Dowdell
    Drew Dowdell

    Cadillac Confirms Escalade IQ

    As Cadillac moves forward with its rebuild of a naming scheme away from alpha-numerics and back to names, it ran into a connedrum. What to do with Escalade.

    Cadillac has decided that all of their EV names will end with the letters "iq". Last year, we were introduced to the Lyriq and the Celestiq.  Other names that Cadillac has registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office are Ascendiq, Optiq, Symboliq, Vistiq, and Lumisiq.  This put Cadillac into a pickle with Escalade.

    Today, Cadillac confirmed that the all-electric version of the Escalade will be called the Escalade IQ.  While obviously a departure from the rest of the lineup, adding the suffix trim allows Cadillac to preserve one of the strongest brands in the entire GM lineup.

    The Cadillac Escalade IQ will be revealed later this year.

    Our take: While we like the change away from alpha-numerics, we think the IQ names feel forced and relatively meaningless. We also doubt their ability to hold any long-term brand equity. Cadillac can use the IQ suffix if they must, but use real names rather than made-up words. Names like the Seville and Eldorado have been gone long enough that it is unlikely that any current buyers would have driven an original.

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    C'mon GM. This "IQ" thing is already atrocious and adding it to Escalade is even worse. 

    They couldn't have gone a much worse route when ditching the alphanumeric stuff. 

    4 hours ago, Drew Dowdell said:

    Our take: While we like the change away from alpha-numerics, we think the IQ names feel forced and relatively meaningless. We also doubt their ability to hold any long-term brand equity. Cadillac can use the IQ suffix if they must, but use real names rather than made-up words. Names like the Seville and Eldorado have been gone long enough that it is unlikely that any current buyers would have driven an original.

    I couldn't agree more! 

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    My take on this IQ naming thing:

    It Sucks GIFs | Tenor


    Ascendiq, Optiq, Symboliq, Vistiq,  Lumisiq...

    Seinfeld Tongue Out GIF - Seinfeld Tongue Out Elaine Benes - Discover &  Share GIFs

    It-all-sucks GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


    Escalade IQ???

    Thatsucks Sucks GIF - Thatsucks Sucks Sucks To Be You - Discover & Share  GIFs


    Celestiq and Lyriq?

    No-good GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

    Lets Be Honest Truth GIF - Lets Be Honest Truth For Real - Discover & Share  GIFs

    Chef ramsay GIF - Conseguir el mejor gif en GIFER

    It Sucks GIFs | Tenor



    Not much better than alphanumerics I say.  


    This Much GIFs | Tenor


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    Maybe they can just dump the IQ in about 5 years when there is no gas Escalade.  Should just call it Escalade and put an EV badge on the back instead of one of those dumb 600 badges they put on them now.  Still not as bad as EV9 or iD9  or the likely Toyota bz8X which sounds way less cool than Land Cruiser.

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    I agree with dropping the IQ in a few years when it's the only Escalade on sale.

    I don't think EV9 or iD9 are as bad as "EQS Sedan" or EQS SUV", let alone the actual vehicle names like "EQS 580 4Matic Sedan" That's a mouthful of unnecessary-ness. 

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    When GM goes all electric, and more specifically Cadillac...

    I wonder when the novelty and marketing spiel will wear off of having IQ as an identifyier of Cadillac EVs? 

    Ive said this before, if a company wants to normalize EVs, then companies should start to behave in every aspect of their EV endeavors as EVs being normal automotive transportation.   From the looks of the EV to the naming of the EV.  (some people will bitch about the usage of EVs as well, but those people are just mis-informed morons that probably hail Tucker carlson and Laura Ingrahim as good peoples) 

    EQx and xxxIQ and xxxx-E  (as in Golf-E) and EVx (as in EV9) etc are ALL UTTER SHYTE!!!

    I get the transitional naming from the ICE age to the EV age thing, but its still behaviour that is NOT normalizing EVs.  Its putting the EVs in a niche situation signaling that there is an ICE option.  And to convince a very very skeptical American buying public that is fed BULLSHYTE about EVs on an hourly basis, THAT kind of naming just puts the EV model jwith a shytty patronizing EV centic name behind the 8 ball... 


    The Escalade EV should NOT be called Escalade IQ.   Firstly, "IQ" should be dropped IMMEDIATELY.  Its a very infanitile way and concept of using IQ  as indentifiers for representing EVs...   

    IQ meaning level of intelligence.  EV adoption.  Marry both to get a word with IQ at the end to signify EV+EV adoption=intelligence.   

    reaction gtfo gif | WiffleGif


    Its extremely childish to make such a connection.  Its super cringe and it cheapens the brand.

    Celestiq (the name) means NOTHING.    Its going to go on a 300 000  dollar plus boutique hand made vehicle. But the name doesnt do justice for what the vehicle itself REPRESENTS for Cadillac and for GM EVs on the whole.  Its not even a clever name.    Maybe Majestiq would work?   But NO!!!!   Its a STUPID childish game to do anagrams like that.  Its elementary school...    


    Its cute and all.  Its got a message behind the name.  Cadillac has been sung about millions of times.   But cute wears off quite quickly.     Tesla's S-3-X-Y  was cheeky...   But the novelty has worn off...    There is no more cute to that.   Elon speaks and it AINT SEXY.  Its more like Shut Your FAT TRAPPER Musk boy!!! 

    Food for thought! 

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    20 minutes ago, Drew Dowdell said:

    Off-topic, but I saw my first one in the wild yesterday, and it's a really handsome vehicle.

    I bet it is.  Its got great proportions.  Not only that, its stately.  A great modern day Sedan deVille replacement.  


    But the name doesnt reflect that.


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    What Im proposing doesnt mean that I want the Lyriq to be called Sedan deVille. What I am saying is that the name Lyriq doesnt reflect the idea of this particular CUV to be THE  Cadillac that every hard working succesfull American strives to buy and drive.  Sure, the Lyriq name suggests that Cadillac would be THE luxury brand that is most sung about, but its such an insignificant suggestion that actually, honestly, NOBODY gives a shyte about!!!  

    This particular CUV/SUV should have had a name that INSPIRES hard working succesfull Americans to be PROUD of their Cadillac purchase.  It has the looks.  It has the goods..  It doesnt have the name....   And...the NAME is a HUUUUUGE part of it, in MOST cases in the automotive world.     


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    So I have been all week in Vegas, sucky story I will post after I get back in a week as I am taking PTO off to go escape and unplug in the Canadian Rockies, Fairmount Hot springs.

    Summer Family Trip - Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Reservations

    Wanted to jump on this as I thought about this all week long and I wonder if this is what they will do?

    Escalade IQ

    Escalade IQL

    EV versions of 


    Escalade ESV

    I totally agree that once ICE is gone, just go back to Escalade, but what about the ESV, go with just L then?

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    11 hours ago, David said:

    So I have been all week in Vegas, sucky story I will post after I get back in a week as I am taking PTO off to go escape and unplug in the Canadian Rockies, Fairmount Hot springs.


    Relaxation Gif GIFs | Tenor


    I say...have yourself a jolly good time and refresh.  ALWAYS a good idea!  


    PS...the great idea upvotey thingy I did on your post was for the Canadian Rockiess getaway trip for you to relax.  NOT about the naming thing for the Escalade although its probably close to what Cadillac will do.   The naming strategy is a bad idea in my opinion....  JUST  to make it clear.   Not on you of course.   On Cadillac.  

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