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    William Maley

    ...Good-Bye Blackwing?...

    Cadillac's Blackwing V8 was the brand's first in-house V8 engine since the Northstar back in the 90's. The engine boasted twin turbos, dual overhead camshafts, and output of 550 hp and 640 lb-ft of torque for the CT6-V. But with the CT6 set to end U.S. production this month, the future of Blackwing is up in the air. 
    "[We have] no specific plans for that engine, but never is a long time," said Cadillac president Steve Carlisle to Road & Track at the launch of the 2021 Escalade last week.
    Previous reports had the Blackwing possibly going into the either the 2021 Escalade or the high-potent version of the CT5. It's likely the Escalade is a no-go, while R&T says the CT5's engine cannot fit the Blackwing. Instead, it will be using the supercharged 6.2L V8 from the CTS-V. Cadillac isn't confirming or denying this on the high-performance CT5, only saying more information about this model will come in due time. 
    What may live on is the Blackwing name, something we first reported last July.
    "We learned a lot with Blackwing. It's an idea that's really resonated with people,. So there'll be a little bit of Blackwing in other cars going forward," said Carlisle.
    Source: Road & Track

    William Maley

    Will Be Able To Change Lanes At A Driver's Request

    Cadillac's Super Cruise system is getting a major upgrade just in time for the 2021 CT4 and CT5. The system will now be able to automatically change lanes whenever the driver taps or fully engages the turn signal stalk. The vehicle will signal and look for a safe gap before making the maneuver. Information as to which step the system is on is shown to driver in the instrument cluster.
    “This is our most extensive update we’ve made to Super Cruise since its debut. We have made a number of improvements to make Super Cruise more intuitive, better performing and more accessible for our customers. In addition to the automated lane change functionality, we’ve made improvements to the user interface and hands-free driving dynamics,”  said Mario Maiorana, Super Cruise chief engineer in a statement.
    This upgrade is due in part to GM's new digital vehicle platform that allows for more "electrical bandwidth and data processing power." Other improvements include better rear-facing sensors and updated software.
    Following the CT4 and CT5, the updated Super Cruise system will appear on the upcoming 2021 Escalade. That brings us to an interesting item caught by the folks at Roadshow. The picture Cadillac used in the press release has the rear end of the next-generation model expected to debut next month.

    Source: Cadillac, Roadshow
    Press Release is on Page 2

    Drew Dowdell

    ...But the ICE cars will keep the alphanumerics....

    Cadillac President Steve Carlisle said that when Cadillac starts rolling out its electric vehicles, it will use actual words for model names instead of the alphanumeric scheme currently used on its cars and SUVs.  Cadillac's move away from names started in 2003 with the Cadillac CTS. Over time, the Seville and Deville were converted to STS and DTS respectively. Later, the scheme was changed to alphanumeric when Johan de Nysschen joined the company as President.
    Cadillac will be taking the lead on GM's push to introduce 20 new all-electric vehicles around the globe by 2023.  Carlisle said that by 2030, the majority, if not all, Cadillacs will be battery electric vehicles. The recently release set of vehicles, CT4, CT5, XT4, and XT5, will get one more round of refreshes before transitioning to a BEV platform late in the decade. 
    The next introduction is the Cadillac Escalade, which will be officially introduced in February, though pictures of the 2021 Escalade have already leaked online. Cadillac's SuperCruise hands-free driver-assist system will eventually be offered on the Escalade with additional functionality not currently included in the system. There are strong hints that this version of SuperCruise will include lane change ability.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Big and brawny like its siblings...

    Just a day after the 2021 Suburban and Tahoe debuted the Cadillac Escalade has also leaked out online.  As expected, the side profile still looks like the Tahoe/Suburban, however it apparently does still sport the vertical tail lights of the current generation vehicle.  Inside is a decidedly upgraded interior. The gauge cluster is dual screen and flows into the infotainment system.  Like the Chevy twins, the column shifter is gone, in this case replaced by Cadillac's Precision Control Shift. A dial to control the infotainment system similar to that on the XT6 is visible as well. 

    The Escalade will be powered by the same 6.2 liter V8 offered as an upgrade in the Suburban and Tahoe, but a supercharged version could make its way into the engine room at a later date as well finally giving the Escalade a V version. Expect the same wheelbase and space increases gained on the Chevies. 
    The Escalade will be debuting officially soon, so keep it tuned here for more updates as they come out. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...countdown till the end...

    The Cadillac CT6 will end production in January 2020 the company confirmed as part of a letter to 800 employees due to be laid off. This means that the 2020 CT6 will be the final model year for the car in the U.S.. Like the recently announced cancellation of the Buick Regal in the U.S., the CT6 will continue in production in China where sedan sales are still big. 
    The news of the CT6's cancellation is not a surprise. GM's Detroit Hamtramck was originally slated for closure until the negotiations with the UAW brought some product back to the plant.  GM is planning on building the next generation of EV trucks and SUVs at the plant including the possible return of the Hummer nameplate.  Once the CT6 departs, the only sedans in Cadillac's lineup will be the new CT4 and CT5 that are just entering production now.

    Drew Dowdell

    CT4 Pricing Released

    By Drew Dowdell, in Cadillac,

    ...a bit less than the ATS...

    Cadillac released the pricing for the upcoming CT4 sedan for 2020. Ringing up at $33,990 for the base 2.0T RWD model with an 8-speed automatic, the CT4 undercuts the price of the outgoing ATS by a few grand.  This makes the CT4 roughly $7,000 cheaper than the same size 3-series or C-Class sedan or just $1k more expensive than a smaller A-Class Sedan.  Adding AWD will add about $2,500 to the price.  Buyers who want a bit more can opt for the Premium Luxury package with the 2.7-liter Turbo-4 making 309 horsepower and 348 lb.-ft of torque and a 10-speed automatic, brings the price to $38,490, adding AWD to that costs $3,200. 
    If you're most interested in the V model with more power, 325 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft of torque, that will cost you $45,490. That gets you a RWD model with Brembo front brakes, a rear limited slip differential. Adding AWD to the V-series brings the price to $46,590.
    The CT4 goes on sale early next year. 

    Drew Dowdell

    The Non-V CT4 Revealed

    By Drew Dowdell, in Cadillac,

    ...Introing the base model to the world...

    When Cadillac introduced the CT4 back on May 30th, they only introduced the V-series version of the car. Today Cadillac unveiled the standard versions of the car in Sport, Luxury, and Premium Luxury trims.  Each one styled slightly differently, the Luxury and Premium Luxury models come with brighter exterior accents and metallic grilles.  The Sport version is has a more aggressive mesh grille, sportier fascias, rear spoiler, darkened accents and model specific 18-inch wheels. 
    CT4 Luxury:
    Leather Steering wheel
    8-inch Touch or Dial operated infotainment system
    Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
    Dual Zone Climate Control
    Active Noise Cancelation
    CT4 Premium Luxury:
    Leather seating
    LED Ambient Lighting
    Alluminum trim
    Forward Collision Alert
    Front Pedestrian Braking
    Automatic Emergency Braking
    Rear Park Assist
    Safety Alert Seat
    CT4 Sport:
    All of Premium Luxury
    Sport Seats
    Unique Trim
    Alloy Pedals
    Brembo front brakes

    Limited Slip Rear Differential
    Magnetic Ride Control (RWD Only) or ZF MVS Passive Dampers (AWD)
    Available SuperCruise (later in 2020)
     Power wise, the CT4 has a choice of 3 power configurations.  The 2.0-liter turbo has 237 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque and is connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission.  The 2.7-liter turbo in the Premium Luxury produces 309 horsepower and 348 lb.-ft of torque or in the V gets 325 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft of torque.  Both 2.7 liters route power through a 10-speed automatic.  Both the 2.0 and 2.7 have a three-step sliding camshaft design, active fuel management, and automatic start-stop.
    The Cadillac CT4 will be available for ordering later this year with pricing announced closer to production.

    Drew Dowdell

    ....Brought into alignment with the rest of the brand's looks...

    Cadillac's XT5 is getting a refresh for 2020 that brings it into alignment with the looks of the rest of the brand like the recently introduced CT4 and CT5.
    The base trim for XT5 is the Luxury model. From there, Cadillac uses a "Y" strategy and splits the upper trims into Sport and Premium Luxury. Either can also be equipped with a Platinum package for the best technology and interior available in XT5.  Premium Luxury puts an emphasis on brighter trims while the Sport takes a darker, more aggressive stance. 
    Luxury and Premium Luxury are tuned more towards the soft side while Sport models get a more performance tuned chassis and quicker steering control. The Sport model gets a standard dual-clutch AWD system, Active Yaw control, and Continuous Damping Control adaptive suspension.  LED headlamps with IntelliBeam are now standard on all models. 
    Inside, the XT5 gets the latest version of Cadillac CUE (which they are no longer calling CUE), with more connectivity and personalization. This can be controlled either by touch or by a rotary controller in the center console.  Drivers can easily pair their phone using NFC technology.  Two new high-def instrument cluster options are now available. 
    Under the hood, a new base engine takes up residence.  The 2.0T with 237 hp and 259 lb-ft of torque that are in the XT4 and CT4 is now mated to a nine-speed automatic. The 3.6L V6 with 310 horsepower is still available, now also upgraded to the 9-speed auto.  Both engines have active fuel management and automatic start/stop to boost efficiency. 
    XT5s with the 2.0T will have a new electronic braking control system that replaces the conventional vacuum assisted power brakes.  A compact electric motor replaces the traditional vacuum booster to reduce parasitic engine drag. 
    The 2020 Cadillac XT5 will arrive later this summer.

    Drew Dowdell

    ..."How do you like the Blackwing name?" - Mark Reuss

    Cadillac's newest V-series, the CT4-V and CT5-V, disappointed fans when they debuted on May 30th by being substantially less powerful than their predecessors. The CT4-V gets a 2.7-liter turbo four cylinder producing 320 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, that's a 130 horsepower deficit compared to the ATS-V.   The story for the CT5-V is similar with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo making 355 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque compared to the 640 horsepower of the CTS-V.  GM President Mark Reuss called the previous cars "hammer" and that they intimidated customers. Thus, Cadillac responded by extending the V-series badge down to be more accessible to more customers. 
    Cadillac fans wouldn't have it, and Cadillac was quick to respond saying that more powerful versions of the CT4-V and CT5-V would be on the way, even bringing out higher potency test cars for the Detroit Grand Prix. The CT5-V was rumored to be running with the Blackwing V8, and that car getting the 4.2 Twin-Turbo V8 is not a new rumor. 
    The controversy comes down to what to call the higher powered models when they do arrive. Some fans felt that the models already shown should be V-Sports and the more powerful versions get the V moniker. However, it seems that Cadillac has settled on Blackwing as the name for the high power versions of their V-series, and that name may not be limited to just models with the Blackwing V8, making Blackwing more of a sub-brand for Cadillac like Denali is for GMC.
    What do you think? Is Blackwing a good name for the true high-performance versions of the V-series cars?

    Drew Dowdell

    ...now with a base V6....

    The Cadillac CT6 has been in the news a lot lately.  First it was potentially canceled as its home factory in the U.S. is slated for closure. Then there was the Cadillac Blackwing V8.  Most recently it has dropped both the base 2.0T 4-cylinder and the mid-range (now that there is a V8) 3.0 twin-turbo V6. 
    With all of those changes, there is bound to be some price changes to accompany them.
    For 2020, the CT6 will see a base price rise of $8,500 over the 2019 model to $59,900. With that rise, the base engine becomes the 3.6 liter V6 and AWD standard. It is also adding about $3,500 worth of active safety equipment as standard. 
    Moving up to the Premium Luxury model will add $12,000 to the price tag but comes with Cadillac's famous Super Cruise automated driving system, the rear seat package, the Comfort and Technology package, and the 34-speaker Panaray sound system. At $75,490, that's actually a $2,500 discount on those packages over the 2019 model. 
    The top model, the CT6 Platinum will come standard with the Blackwing V8, replacing the 3.0 twin-turbo on the spec sheet. It also gains 20-inch wheels that were optional last year. 
    While the future of the CT6 is murky, the fact that GM continues to make improvements to the model gives us hope that it will live on. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...another 70,000 miles of roadways are now SuperCruise capable...


    Cadillac SuperCruise will be available on over 200,000 miles of North American roadways later this year.  Cadillac is adding an additional 70,000 miles to the existing 130,000 miles already in the system by the 4th quarter 2019.  Cadillac owners will receive an over-the-air update once the system upgrade is completed. 
    On top of the increase in SuperCruise map availability, Cadillac will also make system adjustments to improve performance and enhancements to the Driver Attention system.   Last year Cadillac updated the system so that the car would automatically adjust lane centering if a large vehicle was passing close by and also added additional messages in the driver cluster to give more detail as to why SuperCruise may not be available at the moment. 
    Cadillac says that CT6 owners have driven more than 2.5 million miles with SuperCruise active since it was introduced on 2018 model year vehicles. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...trying to turn back the tide of disappointment...

    After disappointing fans with a less than awe-inspiring release of the CT4-V and CT5-V on Thursday, Cadillac took the cars to Belle Isle, in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday.  General Motors President Mark Reuss and GM Vice President Global Product Ken Morris drove prototypes of the next step up in V-Series Performance at the Detroit Grand Prix. The two sedans appear to be uprated, higher performance versions of the cars shown on Thursday, more in line to be direct replacements for the ATS-V and CTS-V they succeed. 
    Much of the disappointment surrounding the two cars comes from the relatively tepid power outputs. The CT4-V comes with a 320 horsepower turbo-charged 4-cylinder and the CT5-V comes with a 355 horsepower twin-turbo V6, a mere 20 horsepower increase over the non-V CT5 V6 and less than the 400 horsepower available in the 2019 Cadillac CT6 Platinum, and a far cry from the 460 horsepower ATS-V and 620 horsepower CTS-V.  Cadillac is aiming to make the V-series more accessible to customers, however, we feel that they could have achieved this same goal by calling the revealed cars V-Sport instead of V-series.
    As of yet, we can only speculate what Cadillac is planning for the upgraded V-series cars, but hopefully, the twin-turbo V8 Blackwing will make it into at least one of them.  

    William Maley

    ...More Potent Versions Could Be In the Pipeline...

    At an event tonight in Detroit, Cadillac delivered a one-two punch for those craving for a bit of performance with the introduction of the 2020 CT4-V and CT5-V. On paper, the two models aren't what we were expecting. Instead of the firebreathing monsters that were the ATS-V and CTS-V, the CT4 and CT5-V are more in line with middle children of German automakers - Audi S4, BMW M340i, and Mercedes-AMG C43 and E43.
    To say we're a bit surprised that Cadillac is showing off the performance variant of their upcoming entry-level sedan would be an understatement - the reveal of the standard CT4 is expected to happen in a few weeks. Aimed at the likes of the Audi S3 and Mercedes-AMG A45, the CT4-V uses a 2.7L turbo-four from the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. It makes 320 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Power flows through a 10-speed automatic to either rear or all four wheels. No manual is available. Other mechanical bits to be aware of are four-piston brake calipers at all corners, and Magnetic Ride Control being standard on RWD models - AWD sticks with conventional shocks.
    Design-wise, the CT4-V looks like it could be mid-cycle facelift for the ATS with a similar profile. The front end mimics the larger CT5 with a wide grille and unique headlight shape. Around back, there is a boat tail effect for the trunk lid with a small lip spoiler and quad tailpipes.
    Cadillac appears to be playing it quiet with the CT5-V's design. The only bits that set it apart from the standard model are the dark trim, quad-tailpipes, rear diffuser, and new wheels. Under the hood is a twin-turbo 3.0L V6 making 355 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. For those keeping score, that's 20 more horsepower than the CT5 with this same engine, while torque is unchanged. Like the CT4-V, the CT5 routes power through a 10-speed automatic and either rear- or all-wheel drive. An electronically controlled limited-slip differential, Magnetic Ride Control, Performance Traction Management system, and four-piston brakes finish off the changes.
    The CT4-V and CT5-V are expected to go on sale early next year.
    Our Big Concern
    We find ourselves wondering what is Cadillac thinking? On paper, these models make more sense as V-Sport models considering what's being presented. Badging them as V dilutes hardcore image that the past few models have brought forth. Why is Cadillac doing this? Autoblog may have an answer. According to a Cadillac representative, the brand is wanting to bring in a broader set of buyers to showrooms, hence they are making them less hardcore. This will allow them to bring V versions of other models like their crossovers. But there are hardcore versions coming in the pipeline according to the rep.
    Still, we can't help but wonder if GM has done their classic move of shooting themselves in the foot.
    Source: Cadillac

    Cadillac Reveals First-Ever CT4-V and CT5-V
    Expanded lineup adds more choices for spirited performance. Highlights include available Super Cruise, AWD, Magnetic Ride Control 4.0, eLSD and new V-Mode Driven by Cadillac’s latest turbocharging technology and building on more than 15 years of performance credentials, the first-ever 2020 CT4-V and CT5-V were unveiled today, expanding choices for the brand’s V-Series performance sub-brand.
    Following the 2019 CT6-V, they grow the V-Series family with even more levels of performance, while preserving the lineage established by the original V-Series lineup introduced in 2004.   
    “The new V-Series sedan lineup defines modern sophistication by combining luxury appointments with thoughtful technology and athletic refinement for the discerning enthusiast,” said Brandon Vivian, Cadillac executive chief engineer. “We are inviting even more customers into the V-Series family by adding a new level of elevated performance between our Sport models and the ultimate, high-performance track capability that the V-Series has grown to represent.”
    The first-ever CT4 and recently introduced CT5 represent Cadillac’s realigned sedan portfolio, characterized by new proportions, innovative technologies and more appearance and performance choices. Each is built on Cadillac’s award-winning rear-wheel-drive Alpha architecture, with the V-Series models developed to deliver the ultimate blend of performance, presence and road-going refinement.
    Both share the latest standard V-Series performance technologies, including Magnetic Ride Control 4.0, which is tuned specifically for V models to enhance comfort without sacrificing performance-oriented responsiveness, and drive modes that include new V-Mode personalization. Each model is available in RWD or AWD and features a 10-speed automatic transmission, Brembo front brakes with eBoost electronic assist and a limited-slip rear differential on CT4-V and electronic limited-slip differential on CT5-V.
    Cadillac’s exclusive Super Cruise1, the first true hands-free driver assistance feature for the freeway, is available on more than 130,000 miles of limited-access freeways in the U.S. and Canada. It will be available on both new V-Series models.  
    “The new lineup expands the V-Series ethos, drawing more customers into the Cadillac Performance family, and the newest Vs are focused on elevated athleticism and luxurious refinement for customers wanting a dynamic daily drive,” said Mark Reuss, GM president. “And this is only the beginning of the V family. Cadillac’s passion for performance shines on a racetrack. Stay tuned.”
    Vehicle highlights

    CT5-V — The first-ever CT5-V builds on the precision-focused details of the all-new luxury sedan introduced earlier this year to offer elevated road performance and an engaging driving experience.  
    Powered by Cadillac’s high-output 3.0L Twin Turbo V-6 engine, which uses low-inertia turbochargers to enhance power production across the rpm band. It is rated at a Cadillac-estimated 355 horsepower (265 kW), pending SAE certification. 10-speed automatic transmission. Electronic limited-slip rear differential. Standard RWD and available AWD. V-Series performance chassis with Magnetic Ride Control 4.0. Performance Traction Management. Vehicle Control Mode with customizable V-Mode. Brembo front braking system. 19-inch wheels and summer-only performance tires2 (all-season tires available with AWD). Dark exterior accents and V-Series mesh grilles; unique rear diffuser and quad exhaust tips. Super Cruise1 available. Unique performance persona instrument cluster and V-Mode steering wheel control. CT4-V — Developed for a new generation of sedan customers, the first-ever CT4 blends nimble handling and Cadillac’s signature technology. The CT4-V takes these traits further, infusing the brand’s racing DNA for a dynamic, responsive and exhilarating driving experience.   
    Powered by Cadillac’s high-output 2.7L Turbo engine featuring a unique three-step sliding camshaft that helps optimize performance at all speeds. It is rated at a Cadillac-estimated 320 horsepower (239 kW), pending SAE certification. 10-speed automatic. Limited-slip rear differential. V-Series performance chassis with Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 (on RWD) or ZF MVS passive dampers (on AWD). Vehicle Control Mode with customizable V-Mode. Brembo front braking system. 18-inch wheels and summer-only performance tires2 (all-season tires available with AWD). Near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution for an exceptional feeling of balance and control. Dark exterior accents and V-Series mesh grilles; quad exhaust tips, unique rear spoiler design that helps reduce rear lift while increasing grip for the rear tires. Super Cruise1 available. Unique performance persona instrument cluster and V-Mode steering wheel control. MORE TO COME
    The CT4-V and CT5-V go on sale early in the 2020 calendar year, with production at GM’s Lansing Grand River facility in Michigan. Additional product information, as well as details on additional V-Series variants and CT4 Luxury, Premium Luxury and Sport models, will be announced at a later date.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...plus a few V-series...

    Cadillac will be unveiling the Cadillac CT4 along with a V-series version on May 30th according to Motor1.
    Both the CT4 and CT5 ride on a second generation Alpha platform called Alpha 2.  The CT5 is offered in rear-wheel drive with all-wheel drive being an option. It is highly likely that the CT4 will get this same offering. 
    There is word that the V-series version of the Cadillac CT5 will also debut.  It is likely to pack the same 4.2-liter Blackwing V8 that is available in the CT6. The CT4 V-series is likely to get an uprated version of the 3.0TT.
    While the CT5 is more of a fastback style, the spyshots of the CT4 shows a more conventional sedan profile and an Escala style grille similar to the CT5's.
    The CT5 is likely to start in the high mid-$30k range while the CT4 will be aimed more at entry-level luxury buyers. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...time to change lanes...

    Cadillac's SuperCruise is currently considered the best of the hands free driving systems on the market, but some recent upgrades to Tesla's AutoPilot are pushing Cadillac to innovate further. Cadillac plans to roll out SuperCruise to all of its models starting with the 2020 model year.  Before that happens, Cadillac has some updates in store.
    Cadillac is able to push updates to the SuperCruise system via an over the air package. While not considered a "next generation" of SuperCruise, Cadillac will be adding capabilities.  Those could be features like automatic lane changes and wider availability of the system on interchanges.  In addition, the just released Cadillac CT5 gets slightly upgraded hardware over the CT6.  One area where Cadillac has made improvements is in feedback to the driver.  If SuperCruise can't see road markings due to poor road conditions like snow or heavy rain, the system will display a message as to why it cannot engage. 
    SuperCruise monitors data from customers and they analyze why the system disengages.  This data is then used for further development and refinement of the system.  Cadillac said in vehicles so equipped that 70 percent of all highway miles driven are traveled with SuperCruise active.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...no longer available for order starting today...

    Cadillac has dropped the 2.0T from the CT6 after only a partial year in production.  The new base engine is now the 3.6.  Also gone is rear wheel drive as all V6 and V8 models of CT6 are built as all-wheel drive. 
    This move raises the base price of the CT6 from $51,490 to $56,490 for the CT6 Luxury with 335 horsepower 3.6 liter V6 and all-wheel drive. 
    The 2.0L Turbo (LSY) was a replacement for the older 2.0T (LTG) that originally debuted with the CT6. It produced 237 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque and was rated for 24 mpg city and 34 mpg highway. 
    The option has already been removed from Cadillac's website.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Doubling down on double digit growth...

    Cadillac is aiming to boost its dealership network in China to about 500 stores by 2025, about a 65% increase over the 302 it has in operation today. Cadillac President Steve Carlisle said that Cadillac in China has become a credible alternative to the German luxury brands, and that their average buyer age is 32 years old. 
    Cadillac has plans to introduce a new Cadillac model every 6 months through 2021. Carlisle also announced that Cadillac will release a refresh of the Cadillac XT5 later this year. 
    Cadillac sold over 205,000 vehicles in China last year, a 17 percent increase over the year prior. That compares to just 154,700 sales in the US. 

    Drew Dowdell

    No more 2.0T, 3.6, or 3.0T badges

    The saying goes there is no replacement for displacement, but at Cadillac that is no longer the case when it comes to the trunk badges.  Starting in 2020 on the XT6, Cadillac will drop the engine displacement badge from their vehicles. Instead, they will use a number that represents torque in newton-meters and rounded up to the next number that ends in 00 or 50.  Turbo models will get a T, while V-series models will retain their V in place of the number.
    For the XT6, that means its 271 lb-ft of torque converts to 373 newton-meters and then gets rounded up to 400. 
    Once the scheme rolls out to other models it could look like this:
    XT4 2.0T - 350T
    XT5/XT6 3.6 - 400
    Escalade 6.2 - 600  (current model, future model could be different)
    ATS/CTS/CT6 2.0T - 400T (current model, future CT4 and CT5 could be different)
    ATS/CTS/CT6 3.6 - 400
    CTS 3.6TT - 600T
    CT6 3.0T - 550T
    If the V-series cars used the numbers, it would look like this:
    ATS 3.6 TT - 600T
    CTS-V 6.2 - 900(S?)
    CT6-V 4.2T - 850T
    Cadillac President Steve Carlisle said "We're not talking about displacements anymore. [The new badging's] purpose is to communicate power and performance, not just for internal combustion engines, but also for other propulsion."  This is a nod to Cadillac's first all-electric model coming in 2022. Cadillac has not yet revealed what letter the electric vehicles will use. The CT6 PHEV still sold in China could potentially wear a 600 badge.
    This move by Cadillac resembles Audi's move to a horsepower based naming scheme used in Europe.
    The 2020 Cadillac XT6 will be built in Spring Hill TN and will go on sale later this year.
    Detroit 2019: 2020 Cadillac XT6
    Cadillac XT6 Gets $53,690 Starting Price

    Drew Dowdell

    Now a less expensive way to get a 3-row Cadillac

    Currently, the least expensive way to get into a 3-row Cadillac was to pony up $76 kilo-dollars for a base Cadillac Escalade. Even then, check too many boxes on the option sheet and the price could easily head well into the $80k range.  When the Cadillac XT6 hits dealership later in couple months, that line in the sand will fall by over $20k.
    Cadillac will begin taking orders on the XT6 later this month with a base price starting at $53,690. That gets you a front-wheel drive Premium Luxury model.  The XT6 Sport with standard all-wheel drive starts at $58,090 (including destination charge for both).
    All XT6 models are powered by a 3.6 liter V6 producing 310 hp and a 9-speed automatic transmission shifting power to the wheels.  Active fuel management and Start/Stop are standard.  The Sport model features standard Continuous Damping Control suspension.
    You can read more about the Cadillac XT6 from our coverage of the reveal at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.

    William Maley

    Relaunching in the second quarter

    Only a few months after closing it down, Cadillac is bringing back their Book subscription program. Expected to launch in the second quarter, the revised program will be bringing in their dealers to play a key role.
    "Book 2.0 really works even more closely with our dealer network because we think there's a lot of opportunity as you go forward. We're going to base it off the dealer network," said Cadillac marketing chief Deborah Wahl.
    "We have to recognize that all of us — from the manufacturers to the dealer networks — we have to evolve our models to keep up with where consumers are."
    The first phase of the program launch will see a small number of pilot programs launch in select cities. Interestingly, New York which was one of the first markets for the original Book will not be involved for the time being according to Wahl.
    Cadillac was one the first automakers to launch a subscription program back in March 2017. For $1,800 per month, a subscriber could pick from a number of Cadillac vehicles and swap in/out with no long-term commitment. The fee also covered various items such as maintenance and insurance. But Cadillac surprised everyone when it announced they would be shuttering Book back in November.
    “We are hitting the pause button for a brief time to make some tweaks to Book [by Cadillac] based on our learnings,” a spokesman for GM said at the time.
    It was unclear why Book closed down. Cadillac said there was a small group of customers that took advantage of swapping vehicles. There was also talk that certain aspects of the system, such as the back-end became a bit too costly. Dealers were not too happy about not being involved in this program. Cadillac handled many of the details such as delivery and service.
    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

    William Maley

    “We don’t have any chances left with taking Cadillac to a really new place."

    For almost two decades, Cadillac has been undergoing a transformation of sorts to become a threat to likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The various models and changes have been met with mixed reactions. But the latest move to make Cadillac the lead brand in General Motors' electric car offensive marks a big change. According to an executive, this is the brand's last chance at success.
    “We don’t have any chances left with taking Cadillac to a really new place. This is pretty much it,” said GM President Mark Reuss to Reuters.
    “So we really have to hit the ball here. It’s my job to make sure we do.”
    Cadillac previewed their first EV on Sunday night during the press preview of the XT6 crossover. No name was given, but the model appears to be a small or midsize crossover. It will be the first vehicle to use GM's dedicated BEV3 platform that has been designed to underpin various types of vehicles and drivetrain layouts. 
    When asked how long it would take for Cadillac to transition to an all-electric lineup, Reuss said it is too early to tell. He expects a combination of electrified and combustion engine models “for quite a few years” in the lineup.
    Reuss did not elaborate what would happen if the transition to electric faltered.
    “All I’m focused on is what we’re doing right now…” Reuss said, “and getting momentum back in Cadillac.”
    Source: Reuters

    William Maley

    GM executives say the CT6 isn't going away in the U.S.

    Back in November, General Motors announced that it would end production of six models in North America. One of the models listed was the Cadillac CT6 sedan. This surprised a number of people considering that the brand had only refreshed model, and announced some key improvements such as adding Super Cruise and a new twin-turbo V8 engine known as Blackwing.
    But GM President Mark Reuss and Cadillac President Steve Carlisle said they are looking into various options to keep the CT6 on sale in the U.S. The two explained that model was never meant to be on the chopping with other models such as the Buick LaCrosse and Chevrolet Impala. But officials at the time did not mention those plans in the original announcement in November. 
    "From the very beginning, we never said that CT6 was going away, because we're very keen on launching Blackwing and Super Cruise and all those sort of things," said Carlisle on the floor of the Detroit Auto Show.
    "We're working hard to find other alternatives to that. We have some time."
    What are the alternatives being considered? Automotive News reports that GM may move production to another plant (ultimately depending on the negotiations with the UAW to take place later this year), or import the model from China - an idea Carlisle said "would be the least-preferred option."
    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

    Drew Dowdell

    New EV Architecture coming and Cadillac gets first dibs

    During GM's earnings call today, GM announced that a new, highly flexible, EV architecture is on the way and that Cadillac will be at the center of the release.  The architecture, called BEV3, is said to be highly flexible, being able to be configured from small sedans to large crossover formats, and front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive configurations.   GM is targeting a sweet spot of 300 mile in range according to GM CEO Mary Barra.  GM is going to continue its development of autonomous technology.  It currently offers SuperCruise automated driving on the flagship CT6 sedan and plans to expand that technology across the Cadillac lineup.
    Late last year, GM announced that it would be canceling two of its plug-in hybrid vehicles in a slew of cutbacks in the sedan segment. 

    William Maley

    Yep, that's an Escalade

    Late last week, the first spy shots of the next-generation Cadillac Escalade made their way onto the web. Much like the spy shots of the Chevrolet Suburban that came out back in May, we can't tell much about the exterior due to the heavy camouflage. There are certain details that can be made out such as Escala-like grille and the headlights moving horizontally.
    Like the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, the Escalade and sister SUV models will utilize the T1XX platform. One of the key changes this platform brings is an independent rear suspension, something we first saw in the Suburban spy shots. The 6.2L V8 with 420 horsepower is expected to continue into the next-generation model, teamed with a new 10-speed automatic. There is also the possibility of the twin-turbo 4.2L V8, detuned to 500 horsepower or so.
    Expect to see the 2020 Escalade sometime next year.
    Source: Car and Driver, Motor Authority

    William Maley

    See if you can spot the odd vehicle out!

    Back at the New York Auto Show, Cadillac unveiled an all-new twin-turbo 4.2L V8 that produces 550 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. This engine was destined for upcoming CT6 V-Sport. But with the CT6 lineup destined to go away in the near future, what will happen to the new V8.
    Roadshow has learned from a source that Cadillac will be using this engine in the next-generation Escalade and CTS-V (don't you mean CT5-V?!).
    Let's begin with the next-generation Escalade. The current model uses a 6.2L V8 engine that makes 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. We know that Cadillac was planning to offer a slightly detuned version of the 4.2L V8 on the regular CT6, producing somewhere in the range of 500 horsepower. Whether Cadillac decides to go with this or push power down a bit further remains to be seen.
    Now to the CTS-V, or CT5-V. This is where we begin to question the source. We know that Cadillac will be retiring the CTS and ATS in the next couple of years for the upcoming CT5. Why the source said, "next-generation CTS-V sedan" has us scratching our heads. Maybe the source misspoke or GM is thinking about continuing forward the CTS-V nameplate. We're likely putting too much thought into this.
    Nevertheless, we would expect Cadillac to bump up horsepower to 600 or so to keep up with the likes of the Germans.
    Source: Roadshow

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