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  • Drew Dowdell
    Drew Dowdell

    Rumorpile: Dodge Grand Caravan and Avenger get short stay of execution

    By Drew Dowdell

    Managing Editor - CheersandGears.com

    July 26th, 2013

    You could be excused if the on again, off again, on again status of certain models from Chrysler and Dodge left you wondering what exactly is going on in that big office building in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Going back to at least the beginning of 2012, the fate of Chrysler's mid-size cars and mini-vans has been murky. Much of the uncertainty is over whether the vehicles will each see a direct replacement or a move to a different segment. However, a report out today from Automobile Magazine adds uncertainty to the current models as well.

    The rumors say that the current Dodge Avenger will now stay in production until the end of 2015 while the Dodge Caravan's termination has been pushed out till at least 2017, but both the Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country could live on to the next generation.

    Previously we mentioned that the Dodge Grand Caravan could cease to be as we currently know it, transforming instead into a 7-seat Crossover while the Chrysler Town & Country carried on in the Mini-van segment. Now, the 7-seat crossover could end up at Chrysler with both the Town & Country and Caravan continuing in their current roles.

    The current Chrysler 200 Sedan will still have a short 2014 run before being replaced by a model that shares a platform with the Dodge Dart.

    Sales have been up for the Dodge Avenger, Chrysler 200, Chrysler Town & Country, and Dodge Grand Caravan so far this year, possibly buying Chrysler some time to make up its mind.

    Source: Automobile Magazine

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    Party due to the fact they are giving them away here. You can lease either van for 200 bucks a month, a 200 for a little less than that, and can buy an avenger with a pentastar for less than 15k (or a base model for 12k)

    I'm a fan of the penta myself, and could have me switching from a Cruze...

    I've driven an Avenger with the V6, and does it ever move in that little car.....

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    It kind of makes sense to me. Chrysler relies on fleet sales for a decent chunk of volume. Why fleet whore out your new, improved replacements when you are trying to increase transaction prices and residuals? Keep the old vehicles around for a year or two extra for fleet sales and sell some retail as well.

    GM did this at the tail end of a couple of generations of Malibu and are doing in now with the Impala. While it never really worked with the Malibu, I think that was because each successive generation of Malibu wasn't astronomically better than the previous. I bet it works for them with the Impala, though, as the new one is a HUGE step up. GM is also doing it with the Chevy Captiva to keep from having to fleet the Equinox and it seems to be working there.

    This makes sense whether or not the Avenger and Grand Caravan get replacements. It would help prevent the new 200 and T&C (and Avenger and Grand Caravan if not getting killed) from getting fleeted out which in turn should bring transaction prices and residual values up provided the new vehicles are at least competitive.

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