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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Aston Martin Sells 37.5% Stake To An Italian Firm

    William Maley

    Staff Writer - CheersandGears.com

    December 7, 2012

    Today, Aston Martin announced that Italian private equity firm Investindustrial has purchased a 37.5% stake in the company for $241 million. Kuwaiti firm Investment Dar still holds a majority stake in the company. Aston Martin said the deal would allow them to pour $1 billion into new product, funding development through 2018.

    Investindustrial beat out Indian truck and tractor producer Mahindra and Mahindra. Andrea Bonomi, Investindustrial's senior principal said that the group hopes to transform Aston Martin in a similar way to its revamp of Italian motorcycle company Ducati by expanding Aston's model range and strengthening its global dealership network.

    Analysts are skeptical about this deal, saying that Investment Dar was trying to lure an automaker to buy up Aston and is settling with a temporary fix.

    "It doesn't look like a long-term solution. This deal doesn't sort scale, access to technology, emissions or entry to new segments," said Bernstein analyst Max Warburton to Reuters.

    Source: Reuters

    William Maley is a staff writer for Cheers & Gears. He can be reached at william.maley@cheersandgears.com or you can follow him on twitter at @realmudmonster.

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    • Its hard to remain civil when falsehoods keep on repeating themselves... When logic is interfered with nonsensical fear mongering and absolute alternative facts. Now...I understand that your truth is true in some instances... But...   This is the kind of bullshyte opinion that bugs me... 1. 80% of the US population LIVES in the largest US cities. In the East Coast.  Although the PNW has a large population and the PNW IS trying to accomodate the EV revolution.   2. So...a possible inconvenience for the 20% means that EV Hertz rent-car should be ditched when the 80% wont feel a thing?    When discussing, mention right off the bat that there WILL be an inconvenience to the 20% of the American population that is not populated. Places like Wyoming and Utah...  I underrated this.  You do too. But your discussion of things is very disingenuous ...
    • Is that charger EXACTLY where you're wanting to explore?  Also, you're going to leave your car parked at a charger for 2-3 hours? If it's a Supercharger, Tesla will charge you for idling your vehicle at a charger.  Exactly.  I've said this dozens of times here. Owning an EV is great. You get all of the benefits of an EV, charging at home over night, leaving home fully charged, and charging is super cheap at home. All of those benefits go out the window when you rent and and don't have access to charge overnight. 
    • I live somewhere in the Montreal region. For whatever reason, I dont own a car.  I want to rent a vehicle to go to Stowe Vermont for skiing or Lake Placid to see the former winter Olympic site. From a central spot in Laval, to Stowe, its a 118 mile drive. From that same Centropolis Laval spot to Lake Placid, its an almost equal distance.  123 miles.  I chose Laval to be at a more north point to the US... 250-320 mile range.... Ski for 2-3 hours or explore the former Olympic site for about as much time and the EV is charged while I do what I need to do while Im NOT using the EV and the EV is ready to go back home...      Go back home, the car is charged somewhere and the next day when the car is due to go back tom Hertz and no problem renting an EV.  The charging somewhere might pose a slight inconvenience, but the bigger picture is that I, we friends or family, skied in Stowe or visited Lake Placid.   Bigger picture here...   And not that big of a deal to charge a phoquing EV... Mountain out of a mole hill. And I could do that with somebody flying to Toronto and then wanting to visit Niagara Falls.  Including then US side...  Or any other place in the US that is populated and not in the middle of middle America nowhere...    
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    • Just because YOU judge the Hummer EV harshly because its not an efficient EV, doesnt make your opinion a correct one.  Your opinion is shyte and false. Your judgment is wrong and stupid.  Ditto for everything else that I just mentioned.  Dodge Hellcat offers a track mode. Its a good enough track car. The Hellcat is not THE best track car around, because it does NOT have the right engineering components for it to be.  YOU know that ESPECIALLY as a car enthusiast that you are.  But you will say ANYTHING just to be a contrarian to what the CORRECT response should be.  You do you.   As far as the EV rent-a-car thing goes. 250-320 mile range gets you driving in a city for about 4 days without recharging.  Same as a a gas powered car.  When vacationing, one also walks in a city of vacation to get to actually see the phoquing city.  Boston, New York, Montreal, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, ALL have GREAT restaurants.  AWESOME shopping quarters.  Boston, New York, Montreal all have GREAT historic sites that walking is the ONLY way of exploring.   Driving is NOT an option when doing these things.  The EV, if need be, gets to be charged during THIS time period when exploring the vacationing destination on foot therefore no time wasted on your part charging the EV... Going to the beach in Greece or Miami or South Carolina...the EV is just used getting to the beach. For 3-4 hours, you are swimming and playing water games and eating on the boardwalk. The EV gets to be charged during this time... Going to Disneyworld or Land in Anaheim or Orlando or any other theme park. If you dont hotel in the park itself and have to drive there, the EV gets charged while you explore the theme park. Its fair to say that one spends a good 6 hours at these parks...  Plenty of time to get a FULL charge. As with ALL scenarios I mentioned... Full charge means 250-320 mile range...  YOU know that as YOU have mentioned that to several posters that may have range anxiety about 250-320 mile ranges...   That would be 3-4 days of driving great distances per day.  Vacation time is usually 2 weeks...   Walking and exploring on foot is done probably MOST of that 2 week span.  Even if one goes to Montreal and then wants to go to Quebec City.  One walks downtown Montreal. Then one walks Old Montreal. The EV is fully charged and no need to charge up going to Quebec City.  One charge. When one gets to Quebec City, one recharges the EV. But one WALKS to see Quebec City. No need to drive as Quebec is small and quaint.  On that same charge, one goes back to Montreal, back to the hotel.  One charges up the EV while fine ding in Montreal and 250-320 mile range is at your disposal again. One gets to drive 3-4 days before one gets to leave to go back home.  Montreal's airport is less than 15 miles away from the downtown core anyway...  15 miles...    250-320 mile range for the average EV in 2022... Again... your judgement is wrong. Whether you are being a contrarian, obtuse on purpose or just forgetful on some facts and dont apply them properly, your opinion is shyte and false. Your judgment is wrong and stupid and its annoying as phoque when the same shyte is spewed by you time and time again...   
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