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  • David

    Superbowl Auto Commercials

      Not much more can be said other than another year, another round of fun filled commercials. Here we are posting all the Auto ones to watch, discuss and enjoy.

    Short and sweet, what is not to love about the Superbowl ads. Tell us what you like, as more are released, hopefully we get them all posted here.







    Seems there is a whole series of Dr. EV-il commercials at the GM Youtube channel.

    General Motors - YouTube

    GMC has released a whole series of Declassified videos on new technology.

    GMC - YouTube

    While not all auto ads, if you're looking for Superbowl ads, click here:

    superbowl ads for 2022 - YouTube

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    51 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    Can't wait to learn some of the insurance rates for 3-sec capable vehicles. 
    I feel like it'll be the early 70s all over again.

    I'm sure the numbers are out there for the current 3-sec capable vehicles. 

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    ^ Well, Tesla is already #1 in average insurance costs in 49/50 states... so I assume everyone's BE insurance is going to go up noticably.
    My wonder is; once the aging & poor drivers are all in BE's... are accident/fatality numbers going to keep going up like the last few years (not saying that's primarily due to BE; there aren't enough of them to move the needle yet).

    Edited by balthazar
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    Is Tesla #1 in insurance rates because of speed, or is it because repair bills for high tech is still expensive.


    Is it because Tesla's production for spare parts is lagging behind GM and Ford. Cost effectiveness not as effective...

    Im sure (maybe Im wrong) the Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf do not commandeer higher insurance premiums than their internal combustion equivalents... 

    Not for speed, and not for the lack of spare parts that take a long time to produce and are quite high in price to charge the insurance companies to repair.   Maybe their is a higher cost to repair when the battery pack is damaged and hence why maybe there might be a difference in insurance between a Bolt and a Spark or a Leaf and a Versa...   


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    Well, Tesla is a brand, not a model (Bolt, leaf).

    Moneygeek says the average for a Bolt is $1529, average for a Cruze is $1277.
    Would love to learn the algorithm that calculates that difference.

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    Yes.  I would love to know why and how the actuaries came to those numbers. 

    With insurance, its no longer about driver's history, price of vehicle and what engine is under the hood. 

    Its how far you travel from work, your daily commute consists of what roads, what your neighborhood looks like, what colour your vehicle  is, how many doors it has...

    on TOP of age of vehicle, age of driver, marital status, gender...

    Actuaries know how to math...and they math the hell out of you and me.  

    In my opinion, Actuaries are just mathing the shyte out of EVs JUST because they can... 


    But...I dont see the outrage in that.  

    I just see the outrage on (privately owned) dealerships (businesses) telling you outright they will price adjust your vehicle according to what the market says.

    Actuaries just use math to out-math you senselessly with all kinds of hidden math just to get the math out of your pocket and into theirs...

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    58 minutes ago, David said:

    I will say I was impressed that the BOLT has one of the highest resell value after 3 years according to this:

    Should look at trucks. 1-yr old Sierra at same site is at 85% value. But go via KBB.com and it's private party value is 96%... vs. sticker.
    But vs. what I paid, my Sierra is at 109% resale value. :D

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    15 hours ago, oldshurst442 said:

    Is Tesla #1 in insurance rates because of speed, or is it because repair bills for high tech is still expensive.



    Keep in mind how poorly built Teslas are and how hard it is to get them repaired...also, they have a lot of crashes because the zombies that drive them assume 'auto pilot' too literally..

    Edited by Robert Hall
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    3 hours ago, Robert Hall said:

    Keep in mind how poorly built Teslas are and how hard it is to get them repaired...also, they have a lot of crashes because the zombies that drive them assume 'auto pilot' too literally..

    This is exactly what I was trying to convey.   About how hard Teslas are hard to repair. Because of various Tesla specific  idiosyncrasies.  

    Forgot about the 'auto pilot' thing and how stupid Tesla sheeple zombies could be.  And therefore insurance actuaries take THAT into account too.  

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    • Watched the MH 370 documentary a few nights ago.  Very interesting story, still so much unknown about the why and what happened....
    • (Resharpens knife for next bubble popping)   And "YES" to the rest of your post. I am just tired of the fanboy logic being thrown out there without even a lick of simple research and data to back up said "logic".    For crying out loud, go ahead and price a Chevrolet SS right now. They sold for $50K new and I routinely see those sell for that price with more than 30K miles on them. Lower mile examples go for even more. His logic is easily flushed down the toilet with a simple google search.   Even the Camaro ZL1 has staying power and 20 years from now, it will continue to go higher with the Camaro ceasing production and being a low production trim itself.  
    • This is good stuff, I am glad Ford is expanding and helping the push to eV, the faster we go all EV and EV costs come down the better.  Also it is good they are investing the education side, because this country as a whole needs more people in Manufacturing, auto repair, auto body repair and trades in general.  We kind of got away from making things here and a lot of the people doing trade jobs are older, once they retire we are screwed if there aren't young people doing it too. 2 million EV's by 2026, Tesla is already there.  GM and Ford will probably have a good battle for #2 EV maker, what I don't see from Ford is the volume vehicles outside of F150, which the Lightning as it now is far outsold by the ICE version.  Mach-E isn't a volume product, Ford needs the $30k Escape EV that can sell huge numbers.  Lincoln is a dead brand, you aren't getting volume there.  Ford could do well with pickups and vans for the commercial market.
    • @surreal1272 Common Man, your popping his conspiracy bubble of false narrative about pricing on items that are not Tesla or Mercedes AMG Fan boy crazy prices cause an American Company has built auto's that are collectors items. 🤣 Here is just a portion of what I found in my neck of the woods and I see no price reduction like SMK is saying.
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