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US Govt should Force Prices UP

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From Leftlanenews.com:

General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz said the U.S. government should gradually increase taxation on gasoline to force consumers into smaller, more efficient cars. "I'd say the best thing the (U.S.) government can do is to raise the gas tax by 10 or 15 cents a year until it reaches European levels," Mr. Lutz told the Wall Street Journal at the Paris Motor Show.

"In Europe people buy $30,000 Golfs," Lutz said. "People are willing to pay lots of money for extremely well equipped, fuel-efficient cars." Lutz said higher gas prices would help accelerate the transition to alternative fuels and cleaner forms of propulsion.

Lutz also says he thinks Americans have learned their lesson about buying fuel-thirsty vehicles, even if gas prices fall well below $2.00 later this year. "Three months from now if gas is $1.60 a gallon, people are not going to go rushing out to buy 400 horsepower SUVs," he said. "People now have understood the concept of volatility. People will hedge their bets."

Click Here for Full Story (WSJ Article)

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I've mentioned it before right around the time gas was $3.00 a gallon. Where are our premium 4-cylinder cars from GM? Right now our choice is the 9-3.

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Hey everybody, this is the idiot that running GM product developement..........the same guy that last week said "we need more Hummers"................must be he just poped some viagra..............

He wants to punish each and every American equally for having the nerve to live in a country where work is typically 30 miles away. He wants to punish the minumum wage through

14-16 dollar per hour workers equally as the 60-120,000 per year crowd.

As usual proving absolute brilliance! dazzling brilliance!

Hows abouts we stop selling Suv's to the wanna be weekend warriors. The someday Im gonna be a monster truck, boulder jumpin, mud boggin SOB.............but right now my wife just needs to get to the salon so get out of the way before she runs you over.

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