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Warning Your Head Might Explode

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I love this kind of stuff.

The other day while fuc*ing off and browsing the forums I

watched a 2hour special on Stephen Hawkins and all of his

opponents who are trying to prove that his 1960s theory

of information paradox is false or erroneous.

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aaaantoine    4

The first dimention is a point in space.

The second dimension is multiple points on a flat surface.

The third dimension is multiple points in space.

The fourth dimension is a point in time.

The fifth dimension is multiple points along a single timeline.

The sixth dimension is multiple points along any number of alternate timelines.

The seventh dimension is the universe as we know it, and all its possible timelines.

The eighth dimension is multiple universes that might be generated under different conditions.

The ninth dimension is the concept of having a way of intracting between the different universes.

So what the hell is the tenth dimension?

I think that might have fallen apart after the fourth dimension.

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usonia    0

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of stuff I expect to be able to see after I die and if I don't get to see it and understand it, I'm going to be highly upset!

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