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Christmas Babies


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Happy Birthday Everyone!

To anyone who wins the lottery and wants to buy XP715

a B-day/X-mas present, this Brewster would be more

than enough to make that picky prick happy!

Posted Image

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68: There is one of those Brewsters around here, but it is a 4 place car. I've seen it at a few shows.

Really different looking beast.

Is it all black, or purple with black fenders? The black one is a Ford and the purple one is a Buick. I saw the Buick in person at a Concours d'Elegance a number of years ago; the Ford only in books and on the web thusfar. Both are town cars.

Sixty8: Good choice! Better if the grille shell said SIMPLEX on it somewhere, though! Picky prick?! Absolutely! But you gotta start somewhere, and this Brewster-bodied roadster from the 30's is an okay start, I guess. Sure ain't no four-door '77 Cutlass, though! :lol:

OB: Thanks a bunch for the happy birthday; it is most appreciated! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the birthday wish guys. Sorry I'm just responding to it now - the last week has been pretty hectic around here (getting ready for the holidays and all). Decided that a family trip to Longwood Gardens in PA was a good way to celebrate my birthday, and the family all ate together at Applebee's with the obligatory "happy birthday" dessert brought out by 10 or 15 singing Applebee's employees (my family knows how to embarass me!) that my 16-month old son was entralled with!

Got a lot of stuff from the wife for the SKY - just need to get it back from the body shop (wasn't finished in time for my birthday, like I had hoped it would have been). Got the Lil Chromies (polished stainless steel door lock pulls), SKY keychain, SKYShield (wind screen) - all from kappasphere.com - and a SKY coffee mug from GMPhotoStore.com. My 12-year old gave me a Meguires Car Care Cleaning Kit and then there were other, non-car gifts (but a lot of my bday gifts were auto-related this year - about time!). Christmas was just as good too (32 years now and I have not been jipped for either my bday or Christmas).

Thanks for remembering my birthday!

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