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An Apple of a Saturn...

Drew Dowdell

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Saturn Plans Dealer Refresh Modeled on Apple Stores

The company will announce a new retail strategy at the Chicago auto show press preview in February, and while she would not reveal details, Lajdziak, who openly admires Apple's relationship with its customers and the demographics of those customers, said the new strategy will bear a clear "Apple influence."

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Read this earlier at Edmunds' and I think that's a good idea actually. Saturn is already a niche player and that's what Apple was before it exploded. They just decided that being in a niche is a good thing which helped convince buyers to go with them, along with their unique looking products.

The apple influence will go well with Saturn's friendly/greener image that it has over its other GM bretheren. Maybe one day it'll be able to turn into the Apple of the automotive world, becoming a recognizable face to buyers everywhere. Course that's some major wishful thinking for now. Maybe Apple and Saturn could team up and do some bundles. Free ipod when you buy an Aura anyone?

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I think it's the "look and feel" they're going after.

Ya know, not selling cars out of a mobile office trailer like Mitsubishi is doing these days.....

You mean your Mitsubishi dealerships are crappy too? The one closest to me look like a slightly renovated but still outdated liquor shop.

Not a bad idea for Saturn. Perfect match for the new European engineered/styled vehicles. I always thought that Apple stores, with their neutral paint schemes, open and uncluttered floor design, and flat panel screens had a european flavor to them.

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The Saturn dealership in Ft. Wayne isn't like this (yet) but it is still one of the nicer ones that I have been to, especially considering for American automakers.

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