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Cobalt parking brake issue...


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Has anyone here had a problem with the parking brake on their Cobalt? Does it seem to have adequate holding capacity? How many detents (approximately) does it take to bring yours to full application?

I have reasons for asking which I will provide, but for now I'm intentionally holding back so I don't taint any responses....

Sorry for the ambiguity!

Thanks much,


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I pull mine up about little past 1/2 way . I dont ever remember having to use any extra effort . My 05 SS/SC has 47,000 miles . I dont ever rely on just the brake on hill though , I always leave it in gear if its parked on a slope . So no feedback in that respect .

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I always put my parking brake all the way up, and I park on an incline. Cobie's never rolled out of my driveway, so i've never had any, or even heard any problems.*

I have had a problem however with pulling the barking brake up too far however, where the button just sticks inside the lever. But you hit it a few times, the button pops back out, and you're good to go.

I guess I'm too overzealous.

Edit: *I do however leave it in gear as well (1st), so that's probably why...

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The only problem I've ever had with my parking brake was having it freeze in the 'on' position after washing my car and leaving it in sub-zero temperatures.

I quote myself because this has now happened a second time.

This time was the worst possible time too, right before a first date. I didn't want to call and cancel so I tried just driving it around a bit. After about 10 feet the parking brake let go and everything was OK.

edit: Note, this time I didn't wash it first, and the temperatures were slightly above freezing.

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