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Follow-Up Test: 2007 Dodge Charger Police Package


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Armed and ready to kick some perp's butt


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What Works:

Powerful engine, agile chassis, mean and athletic-looking.

What Needs Work:

Small trunk, low rear-door opening, high-effort shifter, a bit narrow for hips wearing gun belts.

Bottom Line:

Dodge fortifies the Charger for enforcement duty and produces the most capable police sedan ever built.

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You do realize that more vehicles on the road do 0-60 in far more time than 8.5 seconds, not to mention the fact that cops only need to accelerate from a stop when they're sitting on the side of the road setting up a speed trap, so its probably a good thing they dont have the Hemi.

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Well, this makes things a little interesting in the police market. You have a Hemi Charger as a high-end interceptor, the Impala 9C1 for your lighter-duty patrol car, and the P71 Crown Vic sandwiched in the middle.

Regardless, its clear that the Crown Vic will remain the king (or queen?) of police cruisers until Ford does something stupid like end production. Its a bit faster than the Impy and definitely stronger than the Charger, very well-suited to general 'utility' duty. Besides, its dirt cheap, cheaper than the cheapest 3.5l Charger.

A good mix for your average department would consist of a 45/45/10 mix of Impalas, Crown Vics, and Chargers. In these times, its hard to turn down the higher economy of the 9C1 Impy since most patrol cars just drive around and idle. Again, CVs are dirt cheap while the Chargers make great pursuit (a rare situation outside of LA) and undercover (more effective) vehicles.

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Surprised the 3.5L is even offered as a cop package, considering how awfully slow it is. Mid-8s in the 0-60, yea that's gonna scare anyone.

The 3.5L V6 Charger is basically spot on with the Impala and CVPI in acceleration. The V6 Charger has better braking than the Impala and CVPI. The Impala matches the Charger in MPG, and the CVPI is slightly worse. The Impala is FWD though, and while the Charger is RWD, it is equipped with ESP (stability control), which I don't think is offered on the CVPI.

The HEMI Charger Pursuit blows all away.


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