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The Four-11 on the Sixty-8.


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First off the TWCC trivia will be coming soon, don't think I have given up or forgoten.

My life as of late has been vefry hectic, some of it I'm not going to get into since it's

just personal B.S. I have to deal with but other stuff I'll fill you guys in on.

I'm still trying to sell the Super 88, rebuilt the fuel pump and reinstalled it last week.

My buyer out of Kansas City, MO has dicked me around for just over 6 weeks now.

I'm done dealing with excuses. I have bent over f***ing backwards for this guy and

I keep getting the runaround as to the actual purchase. You kmnow what they say...

money talks, bull$h! walks.

Earlier this week I relisted the Super 88 on craiglist AGAIN for like the 8th time. The

next day I got a few phone calls, mostly people pulling my chain & wasting my time.

Then I get a call at 7:30 am as I'm headed for work. Like a 14 digit longh number w/

zeros i all the wrong places. It's a gentleman out of Norway. We're in serious talks

about him buying the car and importing it back there to Norway.

I'm all for it. I used to get pissed at people shipping American Classic cars overseas

but you know what??? The Scandanavians and most Europeans take better care of

their American Classics & respect them more than most jackasses over here.

This guy seems to be legit. He's willing to paypal me $3600 early next week if I give

him the go-ahead. This includes $3000 for the car, $480 for a valvejob & $120 for a

carb rebuild. Then once the car runs again in May he will come pick it up and have

it put on a container ship back to Norway. He already has a 1972 Caddy, 1973 Caddy

1955 Dodge, 1966 Buick & 1962 T-Bird.

So my pipe dream of still buying that 1959 LeSabre just might happen perhaps before

my birthday too. That would be the coolest car I've ever owned, even including the

'68 Camaro. More and more I feel like nothing else will make me as happy as a 1959

Buick... well as far as post-war cars go anyway. My ultimate dream would be a 1931

Cadillac V16 Dual Cowl Phaeton or the Tiger Hunt V16 Caddy. Then again, there's

other obtainable cars I'd love to own as well but they somehow all fall short of the

originality, styling, magnificence & historical relevance of the '59 Buick. Maybe if I get

bored of that LeSabre I'll buy a 1961 Cadillac Vista-roof 4dr hardtop but I really think

that if I get a 1959 it will be a keeper.

To that end... (raising $$$ for the 1959 Buick LeSabre) I will be parting out my STS in

the next few weeks and listing any and all expendable equity on eBay & craigslist.

My new job is going well, it is one of the better jobs I'e ever had, holds my interest.

So that's it in a nutshell... other personal things that are going on are also keeping me

off C&G, MySpace & my other hobbies but before you know it the new and final trivia

thread will be up and we'll have a winer.


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Yup... I hope I get the '59 too. :D

The pain of my wisdom teeth extraction & recovery would be nothing

in comparison to how depressed I'll be if the deal with the Super 88

falls through and therefore I miss out on this '59 Buick. I've been

working all the angles on this car for over two months now. I can see

that LeSabre in my driveway already.

Marcia and I have already decided that we'll leave the roof white but

paint the rest firethorn red (or possibly candy apple red) and then I'll

do up a white leather interior on a budget.

But getting back to my wisdom teeth... I'm in a LOT of pain. :(

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