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Parents magazine picks 15 best family vehicles for '07


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I know we've talked a lot about media bias on this site and it's always so much fun that I offer the latest example:


A couple of questions:

1. How in all decency did the CR-V and Santa Fe end up in the SUV category when the RAV4 is a crossover?

2. The Entourage gets on the list, but neither of Chrysler's vans are there? Seriously?

3. Since when is the Mazda3 a family car?

I'm sure there is plenty more wrong with this list, but I'll let you guys have some fun picking it apart.

For those of you not inclined to click the link, the list looks like this:


Toyota RAV4

Dodge Caliber

Ford Edge


Honda CR-V

Chevrolet Tahoe

Hyundai Santa Fe


Honda Odyssey

Toyota Sienna

Hyundai Entourage


Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

Mercury Milan

Economy Cars:

Honda Civic

VW Rabbit

Mazda 3

The above are the official 15, the three below are not included in their offical ratings because they are considered too small for families, but they threw them in anyways because they couldn't resist the opportunity to squeak in a little more import humping.

New Subcompacts:

Nissan Versa

Toyota Yaris

Honda Fit

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When it comes to cars everyone is as knowledgeable as the best magazine editors (pun intended) to publish their own reviews, even if it means that the review is to be included in the pamphlet distributed in the geriatrics bingo party.
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Wow... what a load of crap.

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Can I get Parents magazine in Canada? I am running low on cat litter and I need something to line my cat's box................................

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