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My Bonneville Showcase...

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Eight years later, and the lines are still absolutely stunning. Beautiful color, beautiful car; definitely one of the most muscular-looking sedans of its time with the GXP-like refresh.

Of course, you knew how I'd feel about it. ;)

Such a shame you guys have to wear front plates, but then again, here comes the Bonneville again with one of the best front plate holder designs ever.

If you ever make a roadtrip to Florida, we need to do a side-by-side photoshoot.


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Actually I was in on a road-trip to Milwaukee last weekend. I just had a nice back-drop and took 'em. Fly if I ever come to Florida we will and have a Bon-abration! My son would just love you! The front Bonneville plate cover is in my sons room waxed and all on this wall! I just got my new rear Bonneville badge today in the mail because my chrome on my "V" was flecking off due to, too much waxing and then I wiped it with a rag quick and snagged the conner. It isn't bad but will get worse so I got a new one. That way someday when it is old it will get a new one. I just am being more careful around badging on all my cars. My wifes Impala has white wax in all the tight places, I use a tooth-pick on the SLE! Thanks for the kind words, it is a fine looking car, and the interior is just okay, but I bought it for the style, power and the 3800/dual exhaust tips. (I could have had a new SE for less!)

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Nice ride, looks great! I think these Bonnevilles are going to be considered classics someday...they have a timeless look to them. Maybe you've mentioned this before, but I see you're a fellow Iowan as well. Gotta love this heat and humidity we've been having lately...thank god I just got my AC recharged!

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