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  1. I think the only automaker who offers a compact hatch, that I consistently see more of the sedans of is the Elantra. Obviously, the sedans are selling more, but Ford, Mazda, and VW have had success with their hatches. Since GM was already developing the Cruze hatch, the costs of federalizing it for NA (assuming it didn't require major structural changes for crash worthiness) are probably a small fraction of the overall development budget.
  2. The grille bothers me, mostly because it looks a little too high, and plain compared to the intricately detailed grilles on Caddy's other cars. It's quite possible that you just can't see it in this picture (also don't think black is showing all the sheetmetal details). I am not sure about the fog light housings either. For some reason the shape makes it look cheap...
  3. I'm biased, and I definitely see some F-150 influence, but I think it's a pretty handsome vehicle. Plus, the "non-XD" should look a little different. Also, I don't see anything about the interior that screams F-150 or GM. It looks pretty much like any other Nissan dash. If anything I see Ram in the cab area, but that could be carry-over design from when it was supposed to be based on the Ram 1500. Regardless, I don't think Nissan expects to suddenly be outselling the F-series...
  4. Just my opinion, but wouldn't it be smarter in this scenario to make the 3.6TT the Vsport and then the actual V the other higher performance option?
  5. I definitely see a lot of other vehicles in this (Fusion/last gen Mazda6) in the greenhouse and new Impala in the rear end, but WOW...it looks great in pictures. And normally, everything looks better in person. Also, if the material quality is anything like the new Rams and Jeeps, it will be good. Also, I think that the interior design, although simple is very elegant, and in the two tone with the wood looks absolutely beautiful. Now, the 5 inch screen with the real buttons down the side will probably look weird, but I'm absolutely impressed. One other note...you can already build one on Chrysler's website...fully loaded 200C is in the 37-38k territory
  6. I checked this out on Monday at the Indy Auto Show and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed...and I am by no means a fan of Ford or Lincoln... They really shouldn't have branded the MKZ as their rebirth vehicle...this should have been it. It may be based on the Escape, but you'd be hard pressed to tell by looking at or sitting in it. First impressions, I'd say it will be a legitimate entry to into the compact premium crossover segment.
  7. From the rear 3/4 it looks pretty good (especially in that green)...and the interior is interesting...that front end just kills it though
  8. Reminds me of the Synergy Green on the Camaro...looks pretty damn good too!
  9. For as much crap as the Aztek gets for being ugly, it was a novel idea at the time. The combination of a sedan, and sport utility is now pretty much the best selling segment in the market. Execution wasn't great. Then again, I am one of those 12 people or drunk aliens that Dodgefan mentioned...
  10. How does the weight of the Encore compare to the Cascada? Without looking it up, I'd assume it's lighter, but Autoblog said the Cascada was still doggy with the 1.6... But a diesel would be fantastic...for any of the lineup
  11. I think part of this might be marketing...I just got my Infiniti about 1 month ago, and the Regal GS, and Volvo S60 were the other two cars I was seriuosly considering. The only things that really took away from the Regal was how hard I got to push it in the test drive, so I never really knew what it could do, and the payment was higher for a less expensive car (lease). Actually, the G37 I ended up with also is a coupe...so having a Regal coupe may have swayed me back that direction...and the new for 14 AWD and interior seem like solid improvements...
  12. I didn't even know these things existed! Soooo cool!
  13. I drove one about a week and a half ago...it was a Mazda3 iTouring hatch. Nothing fancy, black on black cloth with the weird non-touch radio. I have to say I was quite impressed with the looks, even more so than in the pictures I drooled over. Also, it was the only one on the lot, and they told me they weren't getting any more for 4-6 weeks, so my test drive was fairly limited, but what I got out of it was an overall good feeling for the commuter, lots of technology even on this lower mid-level model, good quality materials/build quality, and some definite spunk out of the 2.0. I would have liked to get it on some curves and pushed it a little but oh well. The one thing I have to come back to is the radio. The pictures look really nice with that touch screen. I think they should put just a basic touch screen in all models rather than the little radio with cheap looking display that was in the one I drove. It really killed it for me. I'll probably go back and try another one when they get more inventory, even though I already bought something else. I really think Mazda has a winner on their hands with this one. Also, in response to Reg's comment, I had TONS of room in the back seat, behind the driver, but I'm only 5'7" so take that with a grain of salt. I was also very impressed with the amount of usable cargo room under the cover they had installed.
  14. Name: Infiniti G37x Coupe (2013) Date Added: 30 August 2013 - 08:51 PM Owner: PONTIAC06 Short Description: After a month without my Altima, and Bessie the Jeep doing daily driver duty, I picked this up as my new commuter car. A little disappointed I couldn't find one with the manual sport package nearby, but she's pretty awesome and can haul some ass! View Vehicle
  15. I'm with Ocn on this one...I think it looks good and it will fit in the subcompact lux crossover niche nicely. I don't see how this is below MB either. How can anyone justify a 40k Impala, but not be ok with a Mercedes that has a base price in the low 30's? Try actually building a CLA that cost 30k, it's difficult to do, and I don't expect this to be any different
  16. Now that my Nissan is gone, I am seriously considering the 3 as my next vehicle, but I would love to see if they offer a diesel before I make a decision. I would be perfectly happy with the 2.5 and manual when it comes out, but I would love to see specs/prices on a diesel if they decide to sell it here.
  17. I like that the interior is clean, but that it also has a better infotainment screen than the new 6 and CX-5...those gaping holes in the dash with the tiny (by today's standards) system is kind of off-putting in the otherwise well laid out interiors of those vehicles. As far as glare on the screen I wonder that as well, but I'm in Ram pickups with the 8.4 inch screen for work fairly often and they glare too...probably not much you can do.
  18. I'm usually all over the strange to random and crazy designs...(ie Aztek, ZDX, Pontiac REV concept) but this...not so much....
  19. It's absolutely beautiful...but I have to admit I get an Alfa Romeo Giulietta vibe...could be part of the reason I like it so much...
  20. That's exactly what I was thinking...there is no way that GM can justify all new platforms today without great flexibility, great volume, or both. No matter what kind of profit margin MB or BMW make on the S-Class and 7, Cadillac won't make that on their first modern attempt in the class. So, this has to be able to do a Buick/Opel, hopefully a next gen SRX and put Alpha under a BRX, or something... Plus, something like an Omega based vehicle for Buick would probably do wonders in China where the upper class like to be chauffeured. The LaCrosse isn't exactly that type of vehicle.
  21. I live in Indiana and I see Veranos everywhere. I've also seen a handful of Encores on the road lately, but I don't think they've had enough time to really penetrate the market yet, so I bet that there will be more on the road shortly. And while the Regals may not be as popular as the smaller Verano, I still see them quite often. Maybe my area is not Midwest enough, or maybe all the farming communities around Indy and further south just like the new Buicks more. Also with regards to marketing to young female professionals, they just need to do a much better job than Mercury did because they already have product that is WAY better than anything Mercury had in its last decade.
  22. I've heard this comment a lot with several of GM's new vehicles...the major difference is while the GMTs had 6 (Chevy, GMC, Buick, Oldsmobile, Isuzu, SAAB) models, there were hardly any visual differences minus grilles and bumpers, and even the interiors were hardly any different...the only truly unique interior was in the 9-7x. These are all styled significantly different and aimed at different consumers. Also, I'd argue the crossover segment is much larger now than the midsize BOF SUV category was in the mid 2000's. I think if this is sold here it will find success...
  23. I've been seeing different versions of this article all day and I'm already sick of it...I own one of said Grand Cherokees and to be honest I think it's a waste of time to recall all of these...
  24. Maybe it was just my interpretation, but I read it as they want to do a high performance luxury sedan...probably not your standard get chauffeured in car, but something like an M6 Gran Coupe competitor...

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