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Toyota slows delevopment process to preserve reputation

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Toyota slows delevopment process to preserve reputation

Worried about slipping quality, Toyota is slowing down its product development.

Toyota Motor Corp. will build more prototype vehicles, hire more engineers and spend more money in an effort to ensure that quality doesn't slip. The company also will take more time between project approval and production of the first salable vehicle.

For several years, Toyota has taken pride in reducing vehicle development time and adopting time-saving innovations such as virtual prototypes. But those measures have lowered the quality of Toyota vehicles, engineers and executives acknowledge.

"We were missing our internal targets," said Bob Carter, Toyota Division general manager. "We need to push that quality envelope."


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This article suggests to me that Toyota may have learned from the mistakes of old school GM.

saying != doing

additionally... the quality problems in design are going to haunt them for 4-5 years while the new current models shake them out.....

For some reason, I doubt we've heard the last of Tundra, Avalon, or Camry quality issues for the current models.....

This still could be enough to tarnish Toyotas rep..... that they even released a mia culpa speaks volumes....this isn't their style.

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While their at it they should make door handles that don't come off in your hand...oh wait...that's not something affecting new vehicles. Their "quality" has been slipping for years. People just fail to acknowledge it.

A coworker of mine has a `99 Corolla. When I first told him about why I thought Toyota's super quality was BS he told me he's had no problems with his car. When my door handle came off the other day he admitted that he's had to replace parts on his car...the truth is out there.

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Are Toyota door handle splinters and shards giving you a nice handshake?

Did your Tundra engine suddenly explode with a loud clatter of camshaft parts flying asunder?

Did your previous model Tundra rust right out from under you? Or break in half after you tried to snowplow?

Is your '92 Tercel burning more oil than gas?

Did you forget to change your Camry's oil every 500 miles and you're now paying the "Toyota Premium" for your negligence?

Are you sick and tired of dealing with smarmy, self-conceited, take it or leave it deals at your local Toyota dealer?

Are you sad because your 210 horsepower Camry really only puts out 190 horsepower?

Are you upset because your Prius can't run in the snow and stops suddenly on the highway? Right in front of a Freightliner?

And what about your children?

Is it ok for Toyota to disable the air bag just to save $10 on a recall rather than protect your family?

Does it bother you that your "Toyota tough" SUV is riding on the same platform as your great-grandmohter's Camry?

Have you tried taunting the Loch Ness Monster from inside your Tundra Crew Cab with no visible results?

Are you really, really, really p.o'd because your Tacoma just went up in flames proving once and for all it isn't really meteor-proof?

Could Joe Isuzu fit right in at Toyota?

Are you happy that Toyota made $12 BILLION last year, but still wants to cut your wages in half?

Is it acceptable that Toyota wants to import more vehicles and produce less locally?

Are you finally convinced that all the unsold Tundras slowly decaying in massive parking lots are actually the cause of global warming?

Yes, consumers everywhere are finally waking up to the fact that Toyota is $&*%. Spoon-fed, lapped up, regurgitated yuppy jumped the shark $&*%, but $&*% nonetheless.

This commercial message brought to you by the repeatedly injured and summarily fired for knowing too much Georgetown Workers.

Edited by plane

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