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Sixty-Eight UP-date.

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So Marcia has turned up the "douchebag factor" to the MAX.

She is using our daughter Sofia like a pawn in some twisted,

deranged game... I was a fool to think that she was going to

think that she was going to stay civil. Things have turned

ugly beyond my wildest imagination. This whole divorce thing

has made me realize that she is just plain cruel & selfish.

On a positive note, today was a good day overal.

As of 10am today I am officially back in the car business for

the first time since 2003. One of my many compromises that

I made for Marcia was to not work at a car dealership durring

the past four years. Another stupid useless sacrafice that

never got me anywhere in the end.

I am now a sales associate at a local Chevy & Cadillac dealer.

One door closes.... and another one opens, right?

And on a side note Julie and I could NOT be happier. :)

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So Sofia has become a pawn, now. *sigh*

I'd like to think that maybe you're exaggerating Marcia's behavior, but that's just wishful thinking. Why the hell wouldn't she let you work at an auto company? Did she somehow think you would pay less attention to cars if you didn't work at a dealership?

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The fairly cushy accounting job was not my cup of tea.

I've been out of there since Feb. of this year.

And yes, to answer your question there WAS no logical

reason why I could not work at a dealership, but still I

tried to play along & compromise. I did way too much

of that in the past few years. All for nothing.

Anyway I saw Sofia for a few minutes this morning, just

before Marcia drove her to school. Funny how Marcia

makes more effort to win a pissing contest with me than

she ever did to save our relationship. But I digress, the

point is that I got a big hug & kiss from my daughter &

that was worth a million.

I junked the STS today... $150 for a 1997 Cadillac shell,

with a running/driving NorthStar riding on 4 compact

spares, I think the junkyard will tripple their money just

on the motor & trans.

Anyway the B-59 is a functioning car again. I am running

just H20 in the cooling system and it leaks about a gallon

every 15-20 miles but it DOES drive. I had it up to about

100mph on Rt.3 today. Now that's stress releif.

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So how about that Datsun I said I wanted but you put up for sale and haven't mentioned anything about since? -_-

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Dude.... I blew my brains out on the STS. Sold to Lowell Used Auto for $150.

Now I'm down to "only" three cars... I have a Roadmaster Estate w/ 36% of

a semi-functioning transmission, a 5-speed $hitbox that needs some work &

is out of the way and my B-59 which is also slightly handicapped... although

I drove it 400 miles in the last 8 days.

The way things are the Road"monster" will be on the chopping block loooong

before the Datsun. The Datsun is not in anyones way since it's in a car port

that is 0.2 inches wider than the car... it's the only car that will even fit there.

If I do sell it I kind of need to get instant cash for it. I'm hurting for money

right now bad. I need to get my own place like YESTERDAY.

I need about $4000 like by the 15th of July. Let's not go there.

Anyway the new job is going very well, I sold two cars in my first three days

there so it's looking good.

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