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Random Truck Showcase: Part XI

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I just found this concept online today. I have never seen it in person, unfortuantely. Apparently this made the rounds on the 1991 auto show circuit to highlight the soon-to-be-release/all-new 1992 GMC Yukon 2-door. This isn't in any of the GMC books I have, and I find that disappointing.

Has anyone here ever seen this truck before? This and the 1991 GMC Rio Grande concept/showtruck were shown together and shared development and parts.

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Guest YellowJacket894

Oh, man. Those C-pillars are so not painted red.

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I saw it in person at the NY Auto show. I think GMC had a host of concepts that year, along with the Bonnie Salt Flats Syclone. I know I have pics, I'll find em and scan em.

No the C-pillars are the taillights.

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OK. This is what I got:

From 1991:

The Sage Brush


The Rio Grande


The Syclone Bonneville Salt Flat Racer


And I think these are from 1990:

Tragically painted Sonoma Convertible:


Tragically painted Syclone (dig the neon exhaust tips... HELLLLLOOOOOO 90's!)


And a very interesting GMC Sierra that looks oddly like an El Camino:


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