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Solstice predicted to be car of the year by edmund


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[quote]but we're often absurdly ahead of the curve here at Inside Line[/quote]

LMAO, yeah, whatever.

If you're "absurdly ahead" then we at C&G must be "absurdly light years ahead."

[quote]Meanwhile, Michelle has dedicated herself to the complex and troubling inner workings of the Detroit-and-beyond automobile business, something I try to distance myself from. I do not want to know how the sausage is made.[/quote]

1) Michelle Krebs is a HORRIBLE excuse for a columnist, and 2) If you aren't interested in the automotive industry or how cars are made then obviously you don't care to know or learn much about the subject; which leads me to the question of, why you write about automobiles in the first place? So if you don't know much and your articles don't say much, except opinions and lies then why are you a thorn in our side?


5 euros (Includes Charger)
4 Americans (Includes Miata)
4 Japanese
1 Korean


3 Euros
4 Americans (Includes Suzuki & Range Rover)
6 Japanese (Can't wait to see the "Asia storms the truck market" headlines--these nominations show the shifting bias)
1 Korean

I hope the Solstice gets it, naturally, but wouldn't mind seeing the HHR, Fusion or Charger get it either (Nice to see the domestics coming back at least on paper)

As for trucks, my bets are on something asian.... Probably the Ridgeline since the press was "jackin' that bullshit" (Kid Rock) so much when it came out. Or they might pick something hybrid because of the fuel :bs: Odd-balls would be the RAV4 and B9 but I'd like to see the H3 win.

[quote]At this point, I think the Solstice deserves it, but I retain the right to change my mind.[/quote]

Typical domestic press disclaimer; (in case of fan or Toyota payroll backlash) see my comments in the Solstice Car & Driver thread for further.

[quote]but I'm not sure it's the Year of the Hummer.[/quote]

Greenie loser.

What the hell does this mean anyway? Aren't the parameters supposed to be the vehicle, not the "political" or "social" times?

[quote]Fuel mileage may not be as good as the public expects from a hybrid, but if you look hard at the technology in this vehicle — and how seamlessly it works — it's impossible to discount it.[/quote]

Smooth that failure right over.... In typical media fashion.

[quote]The Lexus RX 400h is arguably the most complex vehicle ever offered to the public, and it's a project only Toyota, and its spare-no-expense budget, could pull off.[/quote]

More Toyota ass kissing.

[quote]1) I'd probably give it my top vote, 2) but I suspect the Ridgeline is the favorite.[/quote]

1) Notice he didn't give the "disclaimer" with his asian choice.

2) Gee, I would've never known after every journalist in America spent high quality time behind doors with it for 2 or 3 weeks. http://www.cheersandgears.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/AH-HA_wink.gif

[quote]But that's just me — a man who bought a 1991 Mercury Capri, new. And liked it. What do I know[/quote]

Nice jab asshole... And as far as automotive people go, you obviously don't know much.

EDIT: Changed "Asian" to "Japanese" because w00t_man made a good point. :D
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