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Prius cars may have stalling problem


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Apparantly stalling (which most commonly happens on highways) isn't enough of a safety issue for to force a recall (WTF?):


As the article states, the electric motor will allow the cars to safely pull over. What about when I take a left in front of oncomming vehicles? Or perhaps when I'm passing someone? I'm not too keen on this just being a notification and not a recall.. Edited by cmattson
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And through a dramatic TWIST OF FATE Toyota has once again snowed everyone and gotten it way to save it's precious image.

$$$ is power.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received a number of complaints about the hybrid vehicles stalling or stopping unexpectedly,

I guess that doesn't matter.

It'll be interesting to see how many idiots just believe what they're told and decide to put their lives in danger by buying a Prius without question.

Toyota will be sending out letters asking customers to take the cars to a dealership for free repairs, Takahashi said.

No recall notice has been issued, she added.

So basically they're recalling it without saying they're recalling it to save their image.... Nice....

Too bad no one mentions what horrible quality this is in reality.

which gets as much 60 miles per gallon of gasoline.

Yeah, whatever.

Another perfectly crafted article to save Toyota's ass. They should've been burned at the PR stake for this, any domestic would have, yet in Toyota land (America) the creator (Toyota) is always right and nothing ever goes wrong.
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But that is the problem with RECALLS. The media and public see them as BAD things. So when GM does a recall, which can be nothing more than just good service to their customers, the media carps all over it. Toyota prefers to lay the blame elsewhere, figuring they can avoid the bad publicity. Just like they did for years with the coking problems in their V6s.
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I never liked Toyota <_< The reason they're not recalling them is because they most likely cannot isolate the problem to a certain run of cars (using the serial number in the VIN to track the bad ones). It's not like they used a bad part in the manufacturing process, I'll bet it is an inherent design flaw with their system in all 2004 and 2005 cars. This could have probably been worked out with more testing, but we all know Toyota's #1 priority now is moving new car models and redesigns quicker than any other manufacturer. So now is it not only the ugliest hybrid car, but it shuts down on you randomly, which apparently isn't a big deal, because the 10hp electric motor will get you out of harms way no problem!
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Yeah, I just read an article written by Toyota PR boasting about how they would overtake GM in 2006. All I have to say is...whatever floats your boat, Toyota. Keep letting your quality slip and keep dumping your Camrys into fleets. Keep pounding it into the American public's heads about how environmentally friendly you are as you erect the beams for a plant which will build the largest, heaviest trucks Toyota has ever made. Lower your development time down to 12 months so that we can get more radio nobs falling off and sunroofs shattering, which you can then blame on debris and counter with "they're all like that." Or more cars stalling in the middle of busy intersections. Just make sure that when you recall 1 million vehicles, wait until Ford or GM has a bigger recall so you won't be in the spotlight. Better yet, deny it and blame it on the owner's incompetence, since Toyotas are built by the gods and all. But when you get that trophy #1 spot at the top, all eyes will be on every single move you make.
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So now is it not only the ugliest hybrid car, but it shuts down on you randomly, which apparently isn't a big deal, because the 10hp electric motor will get you out of harms way no problem!


I was listening to an interview with a famous american car designer and he drives a Prius because of its excellent design. He admitted to always being a sucker for Citreon designs. I think a conventially powered Prius would be terrific. Hybrid and hydrogen technology just don't add up.
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Guest swallowit

Sorry, can't resist:



too bad we cant say the same thing about domestic brand's sales :(
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