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Cheap, fun beater

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This all goes back to my decision to sell the Fusion. I've decided that I want something that will be cheap, that I can use as a stop-gap between the Fusion and whatever good car I get to replace it. The Aurora I posted the other day had its price drop to $800, but I dont have that available to me in liquid form right now (unless I want to pay some $h! late) and its not really local, so it would have to wait until the end of the month, by then it will probably be sold. The Fairmont that I looked into back in September for $700 is now $495 and just flat-out quirky-cool. Tonight, I stumbled upon an 80's Caprice wagon with a rust-free, straight body and decent interior. It apparently doesn't have reverse, and I'm not sure what kind of mileage it has on it. But for $450, it would be perfect, especially if all it needs is a new transmission, which I estimate would cost about $9 to buy and take 45 minutes to swap out. (OK, exaggerations, but how many of these cars were made, then junked?) It would be nearly perfect as a kayak/bike car too, not as perfect as a minivan, but not terrible for the chore. It wouldn't be as slow as the Fairmont (2.3/auto) and would likely last longer (with a new tranny) but doesn't have the character of the old Ford. Decisions, decisions.

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Although I love a B-body if you can fix the transmission in a hurry.

Damn... I see what you mean. :scratchchin:

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With gas at $3/gallon, the Fairmont makes more sense if I'm going to use it as a daily driver for any period of time. The Caprice makes more sense if I'm going to grab up something else a couple of months down the road. The Fairmont would be cheaper to insure, although only marginally. Another thing to consider is that I have a friend with a couple of 80's Mustangs in non-streetable form, one was wrecked, the other is a parts car. A 5.0 and stick in the Fairmont down the road could be fun. I got a better look at the Caprice today (its parked at a crappy car lot) and apparently only reverse is out, according to the writing on the window (which I couldn't read last night) it still moves forward.

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