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Camino LS6

... and one for XP

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She's a beauty! The interior especially is quite interesting. I'd love to have 'em all if I could, but I can't. Maybe YOU should buy it!

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Nah, not even one of these babies can get me to go FWD. :AH-HA_wink:

Then find one that's beat to hell and make it RWD like Cadillac should have. $h!, if Jay Leno can take a '66 Toronado and throw everything that made it a Toronado in the trash, then certainly you could do it to the car that did it SECOND.

I've often thought about finding one that was beat to death and turning one into a sick mud buggy. It would have to be straight (i.e. not whalloped to the point of being structurally compromised and never fixed properly like my parts car), but rotted would be fine. The more incomplete otherwise, the better. A rotted out roller with absolutely no interior would be ideal, so there would be no question that the car could never go back together properly without being severely cost-prohibitive. Something about reviving a body that someone thought was too far gone to save and putting it on a K30 chassis just sounds like so much fun!

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>>"Now it was possible to spin the front-driven wheels on smooth, dry surfaces. "<<

Right- like it wasn't possible before with a mere 480 TRQ :rolleyes:

Car Life, April 1967, 1967 Fleetwood Eldorado (429 V-8 ) ~

>>"...the combination of gearing, torque converter multiplication, and engine power was potent enough to spin the front-drive tires, though these fat 9.00x15s were being pressed onto the dry pavement by nearly 3200 lbs of the car's total test weight."<< ... which was 5200 lbs. The E did 0-60 in 9.2 sec.

I've seen numerous, completely incidental '70s detuned Eldorados burn their tires ferociously on TV/movies- the cars are heavy but they make formidable power all the same.

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I must confess that I could not resist one night and floored my '67 from a dead stop; she spins tires on dry pavement just fine :AH-HA_wink:

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Hey XP:

By "one night" do you mean the time over by my house that I have on camcorder?

That car launched like a (wrong-wheel-drive) LT1 powered 9C1 after a murder suspect.

I still have that tape somewhere, someday I'll dig it up. The best part was that you

chose the parking lot for Lockheed(sp?) Aviation & the navy-vet. turned security guard

who told us to scram was super nice about it. I think he was not at all opposed to our

shenanigance but wanted to keep it out of his parking lot.

Good times. :D

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Oh and I think this car is worth EVERY penny of that $4500 buy it now.

I'm tempted even though I'm with Camino about the whole no FWD-stance.

If I ever buy a FWD car that does not have a Lycoming straight-8 this will

probably be it. Razorbacks are sucking fexy!!!!

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