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A cheap Grand National, and other muscle car "buys"

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One of the guys at the local electrical supply house just bought a Buick Grand National...for $2500.

It ain't pretty. It's got a million Jesus loves you stickers on it, a regular Regal fender for one of the front fenders, the headliner is missing, and it needs paint in the worst sort of way.

And it's got rust, but very minor.

Also comes with a stack of paperwork that my tape measure says is three inches thick, the motor and tranny have been rebuilt by GOOD local people, the rest of the interior is damn near perfect, and it's a T-top car.

Oddly enough, it was ordered with every option, including the upgraded stereo, but no posi rear end.

Making me even sicker is that the same guy just sold his 47 Ford at Goodguys last weekend and is probably going to buy a 25,000 mile pristine Grand national with the proceeds, so he'll have two grand nationals, one for show and one for go.

Also making me sick is the brother in law of a guy I know from work, bought a 68 Barracuda Ragtop (this one was very clean) slant six automatic nothing fancy...for $3600.

Even sicker is that THIS guy also scored a REAL Boss 302 70' Mustang for 36,000...probably because the boss 302 had several modifications...but still...

Another guy I know just paid big bucks for a 318 powered 70 Barracuda convertible that was rusty. But this guy has a correctly date coded 70 Hemi motor in the garage, air cleaner to oil pan complete, and is about to build the world's coolest clone.

Also I managed to miss out on the chance to buy a really clean (but needeing some resto work, but decent car) 71 Skylark convertible for $4200. Wanted this one for myself.


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I know how you feel. I have a few friends recently who picked up a couple different older MCs ... for much less than they are worth ... mainly because the previous owner didn't know what they had.

One of these days, I'll find one of those type of deals...I hope ;).

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GN guy may not have come out as good as you think unless he has a horde of GN parts, a lot of those GN specific parts arent rpeo'd and NOS is getting scarce... wish i could get one that cheap though. i considered one once had 7500 miles and they only wanted 13,500. was scared of allt he work that would start when i started daily driving it though so i backed off. that was 4 yrs ago.

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There is an 87 Grand National for sale fairly local to me and the owner wants $5000 for it. Needs a fair bit of work but as far as I know it is complete. Needs bodywork, interior is decent needing not too much work, has T-Tops, rockers rusted through is the worst part, needs headliner, has GN rims, needs rad, injector(s), powermaster, rear springs.

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Speaking of GNs, a buddy of mine in high school had an '87 back then, got it brand new... unfortunately, he totalled it right before graduation. At the 20th reunion this past weekend, we got to talking, he owns an auto shop now, and recently bought an '87 GN to restore (being S. Florida, it has some rust issues apparently).

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