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Never play hooky ithout checking the weather

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Hey Satty, not sure if you use FireFox, but there's a neat add-on that, when you open a new tab or a new window, will show thumbnails of I think it's 9 websites of your choice. So whenever you open it you can quickly choose between your favorite sites or most visited, and seeing a thumbnail of a weather website might help you remember to check the weather. :P

I forget the name of the add-on, I can check when I get home.

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I have a new dilemma today. Didn't skip work (hooray for working 4 days a week!) but the forecast is calling for "isolated thunderstorms" but the radar shows the bulk of the storm well north except for one small cluster thats either going to dissipate or go right over where I'll be kayaking.

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Why can't you kayak in the rain?

Isn't it a water-sport?

(save the golden shower jokes peanut gallery)

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Yeah, biking and kayaking when its sprinkling is one thing. Hell, I've bike about 20 miles in a downpour. Not my brightest moment, but I digress. Thunderstorms, especially of the magnitude we've been getting lately, are not something I want to play with. The one that came through Tuesday was pretty epic.

It appears as if everything has passed, it go a little overcast for a bit, but nothing came down, time to hit the lake.

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LOL, I love the Simpsons.


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I was barely on the water an hour and my gloriously pale skin is now the pink hue typical of the common man.

And 68, I cant hear "golden shower" without thinking of Kent Brockman, with gold chains around his neck, saying that then going "What?" when everyone starts to laugh.

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