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21st century Gullwing?

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We keep hearing half-a$$ed news about this... what's the deal?

Heres something that popped up on Google today:


Not bad, but I like that other silver one (chop) I posted a few months ago better.

This is allso pretty cool but too much Porsche 911 dna.

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Mercedes' 1955 300SL "gullwing" is def. one

of the most beautiful cars in the world & with

those doors is one of just a handfull of post-

war sports/luxury/performance cars that has

a good reason to have B-pillars.

Not talking about Corollas & Tauruses I mean

amongst collectible enthusiasts' cars.

I hope I see a new gullwing in Mercedes Benz

showrooms soon... & not some McLaren SLR

over the top exotic no one can aspire to afford

even if they win $5,000,000 in the lottery, I

mean V6 &/or V8 cylinder car costing $50-70K.

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The picture doesn't look that great, but they should bring back the Gullwing. And it should be on a car in the $50-80k range, not a $300,000 car that they will make 100 of each year. Maybe a 2+2 coupe above the CLK, but under the SL roadster.

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mercedes has far too many models as it is, apparently still working towards their recent tagline "In a perfect world, there'd be a mercedes in every driveway". Their porfolio is the automotive equivalent of 101 Dalmations.

68- I see no beauty in the '55 SL- the overall shape is nice but as usual the details are unrefined or just lacking. 'A 56 Corvette is much lovelier.

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