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To retire or not to retire?

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No...not me. Though, if I could retire now...I would. I have a LOT I'd LOVE to be doing...he heh.

But, no...this is about retiring a daily driver ... specifically an older daily driver. I got to thinking about this as I washed/waxed my '87 MC LS today, a far cry from what I was doing LAST Saturday:


At least tomorrow I'll be driving my older 4 MCs....

Yes, I'm looking for a winter beater right now...but, I'm wondering if I should retire the '87 MC LS from daily status altogether. I don't really want to....but, well, maybe it'd be better.

So...for those driving older cars (older than 1995, including 1970-1988 MCs)...

Why keep daily driving your car?

Have you thought about getting something newer? If so...why? If not...why not?

And...for those that have retired an older car (1995 and older, including 1970-1988 MCs) and bought something newer...

What led you to that decision? What was the major factor?

What did you get newer? Are you glad you retired and replaced your daily driver?

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I was daily driving a '94 in '06 when I bought the '04. Had zero issues with driving a 12-yr old vehicle. Farther back, I was driving a 29-yr old car as a daily- loved it.

What I would love to do is drive a circa 45-yr old as a daily today, if time & the budget allowed. The B-59 is obviously coming up on it's 50th... but not only is it not done, it's not the daily driver type.

I saw a sweet '64 Catalina Safari last year for sale- complete but a project. With Leno's staff, I'd have bought it on the spot and had it refurbished, added OD and driven it happily. The only modern amenities I value are A/C and a decent (and by this I mean pathetic) sound system. The rest I can live without.

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If I didn't live in a place where salt will eat your car alive, I'd drive a classic car year round....

That's exactly where I'm at. The only reason my daily driver isn't from the 60's or 70's anymore is because in a salt state, it really doesn't pay to drive anything nice year-round. I feel like a big enough jerk driving my Suburban year-round after the first 18 years of its life were spent in dry, sunny Texas; never mind driving a car that's 30 or 40 years old!

Rest assured, though, that if I lived in a part of the country that didn't get snow, my Suburban would be a '50 instead of a '90!

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the only reason i stopped DD the nova was the gas mileage/i have alot of projects that i need to keep that car off the road for... but im driving my G-body everyday, and its been pretty reliable so far.... im getting decent mileage (prob 17-19?) and it gets some looks, so its treating me well

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What about a late 80s/early 90s Olds or Buick?

Those would all be FWD, right?

And ... I should've clarified:

My '87 MC LS has been more reliable than either of the 2 brand new cars I bought in 1997 (1997 model) and 1999 (2000 model)...so, reliability isn't an issue. it's more an issue of not wanting the car to rust, etc.....

But, I can't see myself driving anything other than a Monte Carlo...heh.

I'll have to think about this a bit more....


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