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Equinox 3.6 Swap


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The new 'Sport' model comes with the 6 speed and 3.6L which would be a nice increase in power for an older 'Nox' or Torrent. I've been unable to locate pictures of the motor to ascertain the mount placement, exhaust routing..... to see if it's fesible. Any thoughts since the body is great but I've got 160,000kms(100k miles) and she'll need a freshening up. :CanadaEmoticon:

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Yes, it is-but it's not going to be easy...

A guy I know at the local dealership picked up 2 Noxes that were beat up (an 06 LT that needed a few front panels and some work, and a cheap 08 Sport which had rolled-drivetrain and interior bits all that was really usable)and plans to build his own.

Not sure if he plans to post pics or not....

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I would think whatever drivetrain you currently have is only just broken in at 100k miles, and should be good for another 100-200k if properly maintained, and with a few minor fixes. Not that an engine swap isn't fun to consider... :)

Another 40-50hp would be nice and I assume the electronics should be the easiest aspect with engine/trans mts being the hardest.

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Guest Michigan Tim

I have a 2011 Equinox with a 3.0 with some problems. Replaced the timing chain and the fuel regulator because of one of the codes my scanner threw. I believe it has a bent valve on cylinder 6. Getting tired of messing with it and was wondering if anyone knows if I can swap the 3.0 for the 3.6. 

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