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An Offer I couldn't Refuse?

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Well with Election Season climaxing and important people being everywhere I was approached to Strap on the Vest and load some shells. Its funny how they won't leave me alone. Tomorrow i go to see if I'm still good enough.

I really didn't want to do this at all. Ever since last winter when I was close to dieing, It hasn't appealed to me again. The Tone of there voice suggested that I had no option though. So I'm Dusting off the Scope and Cleaning the M-82. I have to hit 6 objects at 500+ yards with in 30 seconds. sounds like a cake walk. The pay is crazy. I mean its just weird. For an Event Its $8,000 if something goes down and no important people get hurt its $22,000. And minus $5k for every Civilian killed. So Far if i pass my physical and skills test I will be at 16 events and an Air Force 1 landing. After the the Paper work is done I'm Flying straight to Denver. Its Really Crazy.

I really stopped giving a F*** about all my restrictions lately and I find it odd that this came up now. And whats also in the back of my mind is that another guy like me, well him and his wife went missing about a week ago. there house is empty and both cars still in the drive way and none of us can get a hold of them. Its really got us worried. For some reason I think this has to do with something me and him survived. Since Fred did do a couple missions with us and once he was discharged he lived happily ever after, but he wasn't apart of this one mission.

What the Hell I rather end it now then drag it out for the rest of my life. You wont find this in any gov records. I bet FOIA would come up blank.

Year 1996

Location South of the Equator

President Clinton

Task: Stop violent organization and destroy all equipment. make sure it doesn't get to the press.

my personal objective : Recon and Long Distance Support. Take out key figures and Insure Company safety and return.

Rank: Sargent Major. Elite special Task Sniper

What They left out: Not enough supplies, No Support, No exit Strategy, No Return. Suicide Mission.

Under my Command was 175 of Americas Finest. 14 days I will never forget.

we dropped in a farm field and gathered and executed the preattack phase. By morning every one was accounted for and we setup up for a traditional frontal attack with a rear flank. 50 storm up through the town center and then 125 go around back and funnel them to the center and normally surrender. Its been done countless times. But this was different. As I surveyed it i noticed modern Camo and high tech equipment. I call it off and we change the game plan to small proxy wars. send groups of ten all around the village and start fires and attack. well by day 5 we ran out of supplies I get no radio responses. I then call for abort and ask for emergency helli's to get out of the area. I only had 1 injured person by then and it was minor. I get this radio Response back "......We have been ordered by CIC to maintain radio silence and Deny all support requests." Basically Clinton or his cabinet has went out of their way to leave us there. You have no idea how hard it is to tell people that we have just been Abandoned. the next day was horrible. Trucks filled with these elite fighters kept coming and coming. by noon I lost all contact with all squads. I know some surrendered and were killed on the spot or tortured. by night fall I only had 25 guys in my platoon and we decide to get out by foot. We kept fighting and running for the next 7 days until we found a river and stole a boat and ended up in a major city where we went to a British Embassy. They gave us food and cleaned us up and flew us to a near by US air installation. Only 21 of us survived. Just because some guy wanted to ply games with real people. It was a trap and they knew it. Basically we were sent into soften up this rebel group to reduce there numbers and keep them out of a global picture. I wonder if we were supposed to be just killed off because ever since that day we stepped back on that base we had all these restrictions and limits. that know one else i know has retired CIA guys have more freedom than us. Last I found out only 10 or so can be accounted for. 11 of them kinda disappeared over the years. I kinda wonder if I'm next. I still Ask Why? Who in there right mind would let 175 of there best citizens be killed off. I have been on several tasks where i was told up front that I might not return but it was smaller numbers either 2-10 people on high risk "world Police" operations.

Hope you enjoyed it. I'm really at wits end with this ordeal. I just Hope my family is left alone.

Does anyone else think i should be suspicious about this?

If you like war stories Just ask i got a bunch of them mostly in the "peaceful years" as they called them. Well If you never hear from me again you know what happened. Hopefully im just paranoid but this guy really bothers me about the way he approached and everything. please ask questions if i get some free time I will try to answer them all.

Thanks, I just need others to hear me out on this and learn the truth, I'm tired of the bull$h!.

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Now you've got me worried there Cap.

Hopefully you don't have to go....but if you do-take good care of yourself. :yes:

My family will keep you in our prayers.....

I simply don't understand how stupid the government is sometimes. :confused0071:

My brother in law was in the air force, and a good friend of mine is in the Navy.

And they have some interresting stories to tell....

What is your gut telling you?

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if you feel you should be suspicious, then go with your gut.

Maybe it's just that I come from a Country with a Small Military, Small Government, and no real myths of government conspiracies etc... but I find it unbelievable that a free country's government and agencies would do that to he nations finest (Soldiers, Firefighters, Police etc...) but in this day and age nothing surprises me.

Anyway, use your judgment, and regardless of weather you're wrong or (unfortunately) right, godspeed.

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My gut is telling me not to go.

Thanks for your prayers!

DF It very hard for me to Lie its almost impossible. plus they know what I'm capable of.

Thanks. I'll found out today i guess.

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hope you know what to do in any emergency, whether right or wrong.

I'm tired of the idea of any military person is anywhere near easily expendable.

make sure you do everything you want to before you leave, just in case.

more prayers.

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As the Nephew of a former Air Force LURP in Viet Nam (he also flew SR-71 and U2 missions) as well as the Son in law of another LURP team member from the same war, my prayers are with you.

Follow your gut, and keep your ass low, and your head lower if you decide to do this. Seriously, the money sounds great, but only if you are alive to spend it.

Good luck with the decision.

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Well so far so good. I am with some of the greatest guys i have ever met. I am watching my back though.

I got to meet Barack and shake his hand. very nice guy but, i dont know...

Whats even sadder is the scums that try to harm the guy. We got to taser and tackle a guy... I mean if you want to attack an important person this time of the year DONT becasue we have full permission to use force on anything we see as a threat to VIP safety or Spectator safety.

Anyway it feels good to be back on the 3 days up straight schedule again. I wonder where the next stop is...

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