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At a charity event yesterday, Both Obama and McCain gave comedic speeches intended to poke fun at each other and themselves. Interspersed in the speeches were moments of seriousness without the political rancor that poisons most of the things they have been saying lately. It was a breath of fresh air.

Obama did a nice job and had some great lines.

But McCain killed!

He was so funny that not only was I laughing out loud, but so was Obama. Hillary Clinton damn near fell out of her chair - I have never seen her smile so much. The mostly Democratic crowd was roaring.

And, in the moments of seriousness, McCain displayed the graciousness and humility that makes him one of the few politicians that I actually respect. It was at this point that I realized that this part of him is what is missing from his campaign. When freed by this format, McCain showed who he really is. The conclusion I then reached was that whomever is running his campaign and advising him on strategy has entirely missed the mark. John McCain should have campaigned as himself, not as this persona his advisors have created - it does him (and us) a disservice.

I say this because in comparing the two speeches at this event, it was graphically demonstrated to me that I have never seen Obama show humility and graciousness in a convincing way. That's not to say such things are beyond him, but the natural,transparent, and honest way that McCain does it is.

That John McCain would likely beat Obama, the one we've been seeing lately not so much.

Well, this post became a bit more political than I intended - so to bring it back around a bit, let me say that it really was nice to see both candidates being simply human for a change.

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Just watched McCain, he was fantastic. If that McCain had been showing up on the campaign trail for the last 8 months, the lighthearted, genuine McCain, he would be in a much stronger position. This definitely isn't the best setting for Obama, but he didn't do that badly.

Edit: Obama dragged his out a lot longer than he should have.

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I thought McCain introducing Obama was the funniest part. "Prepare yourself for non-stop laughter!" That and Obama saying that he is glad to be "paling around" with everyone tonight.

I don't see how either one of them won, let alone McCain "killing it". They were both mildly funny I think. McCain seems a tad bit more comfortable.

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Wow... that was the most human and likable I've ever seen him.

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I thought both were pretty funny, although I chuckled at Obama's a little more. I really liked the line about seeing the Russian Tea Room from the door step. Obama didn't seem as comfortable, but he didn't do too bad either.

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