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Are Craigslist ads all bogus???

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So, a couple of weeks ago I am surfing the interweb, and do my normal Craigslist through Google searches for various things, like parts for the '57 Buick, a '34 Airflow, or my continued quest for a Berlinetta Camaro with V-8 and T-tops. Imagine my suprise when I locate one close by me, and the price is just were I need it to be ($500!!!). So I do the e-mail to the seller and I hear nothing until yesterday (two weeks!!) She had some details about the car (needs painted) and that it is missing a t-top panel (dropped it) and that it runs and drives. All important Digital dash is installed and working!!! (only 800 were made with the digital dash in '86)

here are the parts that bother me: The person has not answered my big questions: Mileage. Rust. And I gave her my cell number or asked for her number and no calls have come my way...I really want this car - badly! She is less than 15 minutes from me. I could have the car home in 15 minutes if she would just call me and set up a time to meet. Seriously, if the car is not rusted out and is as clean as she lets on (low miles too, but what they are - who knows????) it will be my winter project and my transportation come spring.

So, what is the vibe you guys get; scam?

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She could just be busy...seems like everyone has problems lately.....

If it is only 15 minutes away, I would still see it for myself. I think it might be better that way....

As far as scams...well-sometimes. But there are good stories too.

A buddy of mine bought his beater cavalier off of craiglist-and has been happy with it.....

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I've bought any sold many a car on craigslist after my boycot

of eBay started due to being double charged all the fees for

selling my '68 Camaro. (the one that is BACK on eBay) <_<

Craigslist is just like anything else... From my experience it

seems to be 70% bread and butter decent to great buys, 25%

overpriced/falsely advertised crap & 5% home-run bargains.

So far, in the past few years I've bought a good percentage

of my cars off craigslist, two of which I've had fantastic luck

with and still own at the moment.

-1962 Buick Special (196 Fireball V6)

-1984 Mercedes Benz 500SEC

-1992 Buick Roadmaster Sedan

-1976 Buick LeSabre 455, 4-door hardtop

-1977 Cadillac Coupe deVille

-1990 Chevrolet Suburban 1500/2wd

-1982 Mercedes Benz 240D

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I want the car soooo bad. I hope she calls or gets back with me, and I really hope the ad is not bogus! She did say she was going to get pictures of it for me.

It will be really cool restored...that is why I hope I can snap it up before some idiot does and uses it for parts on his circle track racer or something stupid. It will be put stock, ugly gold wheels and everything! Based on her description, it matches the car in the ad attached:

It will be lovingly cared for if it is indeed what she says it is. I have a lot of great memories in both an '84 Berlinetta V6 (first car over 30 mph!) and my '85 Berlinetta V8 I had in college (sensored stories of youth!! inappropriate for those under the age of 18!). Both were wonderfully trouble free and fun cars. I will put the car into shape and put it away for posterity. Not a lot of these left!

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Every Craigslist transaction I've had has gone smoothly. Except that one time when the chick got the wrong motel room. Its like I always say, when you're responding to an erotic services ad, you win some, you lose some.

But seriously, when I was using CL to car hunt, I got replies within a couple of days.

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