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Montreal Autoshow: Acura CSX

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Here are some pictures I took of the (Canada only) 2009 Acura CSX at the Montreal International Autoshow in Quebec, Canada on Tuesday January 20th.

It features a revised front clip with the new Acura corporate "shovel grille". This was the first official showing of the new look as far as I know.

Here is the current car for comparison:







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Looks alright... the Civic still looks like a bar of soap in my mind though. Very strange proportions throughout.

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You know, as much as I hate that grille overall, it actually doesn't look as bad on this Civic rebadge as it does ALL of Acura's other "models".

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The silver color might as well be hiding the toothiness. Wait till it you see the car in different color. The bugs bunny might as well pop up.

One of my coworker just got a TL with gray color. Good Lord that grille looks ghastly, even one of my Honda Accord driving friend hates it.

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Strange...wonder what the rear looks like....

I was wrong when I wrote above that this is the first showing of this update.

It has been on dealer lots since late September.

Here are some pictures from a thread at Redflagdeals (Sep 18th, 2008)











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I'm just curious...do Canadians pay extra for a CSX en masse like Americans do for an ES330?

They are popular, but this got me thinking....

From Acuras (crappy) Canadian website:

A bare bones CSX has a "Taxable Total" of $28,360.00 (with manual)

A Type-S is "Taxable Total" : $34,770.00

A Type-S with every option will set you back a "Taxable Total" of $38,826.67

Lets compare to a 4 door Civic (from Honda Canada's website)....

A bare bones Civic is $16,990 (manual, no AC!)

A mid range DX-G with auto is $20,680

An Si with every option box ticked is (WTF!) Total Price: $40,196.92 :mind-blowing:

That makes the loaded CSX seem like a nicer buy compared to a loaded Si, but holy $h! are they pricy.

Lets see how a 4 door Cobalt compares (again, from GM Canada's website)...

Bare bones Cobalt LS $15,325 MSRP

Cobalt LT 1SB Package $21,395 MSRP

Bare bones Cobalt SS $25,445 MSRP

Loaded SS (LSD, Sunroof, XM) $29,215

Using GM's compare vehicles thingy....

Lets see, a loaded Cobalt SS with 63 more ponies, 111 more torque (available at 4,100 RPM sooner), more front (10mm) and rear (20mm) headroom, more trunk space (56L more!), better warranty, no-lift shifting, 0-60 in 5.7 seconds, quarter mile time of 13.9 seconds at 102.5 mph......FOR 10 GRAND LESS than this Acura Civic?!


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