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I actually saw what i think would be the ultimate in scooter embarassment. One day last summer I was cutting grass at my parent's house on their riding lawnmower, and this guy riding by on a scooter waves to me. I waved back and watched him putt off up the road, thinking it would be kinda fun to own a scooter. About 45 seconds go by, and i hear this low rumble, like thunder - but no, its just a huge motorcycle gang, all on harleys, most of them wave, and i wave back but notice that they're quickly gaining on mr. scooter. they all went around him, respectfully, honking and waving. I just can't help but think that mr. scooter would have rather been anywhere but there at that moment! LOL oh well, i still think they're cute!! :)
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Ironically, today I thought about buying one soon. I accepted a promotion to a new operation that's a 30 minute walk south from home. I thought about it for a moment before realizing that it'll only take me 10 minutes on my mountain bike, so I decided against it; however, it sure would be handy since hardly ever drive the car.
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Does anyone else find it funny and some what sad that people will spend more to buy some thing new (scooter, hybrid, anything that gets better mpg than they have now) but will not change there "habit" of driving everywhere, take multiple trips into town, people practice 0-60 times from every traffic light and stop sign in town, and go 80 in there suvs and trucks!!! Gas is still cheaper than getting a new vehicle!!! When you do need a new vehicle, make gas mileage apart of your decision. I was watching CNN the other night and they were interviewing this lady about gas prices and changes she had to make in her life so she can buy gas. Her family only buys what they need at the grocery store, no more junk food, just the bare minimium, and so on and so forth. But one thing she didn't say was that she reduced her driving, the logical thing. The funniest part was the very end when they said, " but she has to keep gas in her 2005 GMC Yukon Denoli." :lol: I feel real sorry for her. :rolleyes:
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