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Pontiac Motor in a GMC?

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YJ's post was very good, as Pontiac supplied the V8 engines for GMC trucks from '55-59 - though you wouldn't want to put one of those V8s into a Pontiac car. The engines were tuned for truck use - more low-end torque for pulling and hauling rather than off-the-line performance. You might want to check this site out too for more info: link

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My source says GMC used Pontiac V-8s as the optional engine '55-57 inclusive, only.

In '58, GMC started using their own 336 CI V-8. The bottom-row 'linked' truck on the '58 page in GMTG's link mentions the 336.

There is some later-day confusion here, because at least 1 model '58 GMC (HD) was the '370', and featured that badge in the grille. Coincidentally, Pontiac's V-8 in '58 displaced 370 CI. But no 370s or 389s in GMC trucks as a regular production option.

In '60, GMC bucked the national trend by dropping the V-8 altogether, and offering either the established I-6, or their proprietory, brand-new 305 CI V-6. Note that this preceeded the cursory 'grandfather' of the V-6, Buick, by 1 year.

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The wiki engine link is mostly right: where it's subheaded "Pontiac/GMC...", it does not specify which years GMCs used PMD mills... but below that the individual engine bullets are correct WRT where they were used except for 1: the "288" was in fact the PMD 287 - whether that was a GMC advertising thing, IDK. '55 Pontiac = 287.2 CI, 3.75 bore x 3.25 stroke. GMC spec is the same. I should go fix that...

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