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Car Shopping for a Friend


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Cars with base MSRP between $20K and $25K that have city MPG greater than 25:

Prius - 51

Insight - 40

Civic Hybrid - 40

Jetta TDI - 40

MINI Clubman - 28

There are more choices if he wants to spend slightly more (Fusion Hybrid) or less (Fit).

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He was kidding apparently, he hasn't bought it yet.

Funny thing is he's reconsidering it in favor of, can you guess? A Camaro LT.

Sounds like he's digging the retro thing. Camaro is cool... definitely doesn't get close to 30 mpg city, though.

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We got to check a yellow SS out today...only one the dealer had. He wants a V6 under 30,000. There's only one V6 within 25 miles.

We looked at Mazdas, Chevies, Minis, and Dodges. He liked the Charger but feels its too big for him. Likes the Challenger but not as much as the Camaro. Liked the SRT4 but didn't love it. So it's basically either a Mini or a Camaro...the things people cross shop. :P

He wants the Camaro more, so I'm nudging him in that direction, and telling him to wait for some more LTs to show up on the lot.

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Unless he really wants a huge car with no interior or trunk room, the Cooper is the better pick.

He wants the Camaro because it strikes an emotional accord. He says the Mini looks nice but the Camaro looks amazing. Plus his family has 4 other cars if he needs to haul something. Plus he likes the idea of 306 horsepower and a manual.

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