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Car Review template

Drew Dowdell

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I like the idea of breaking the review/article up into the following:






Ride and Handling

Closing thoughts

Several photos which include some (or all if you choose) of the following: profile, front, back, front 3/4, rear 3/4, some detail shots (wheels, headlights, interesting design elements, etc.), head on photo of dash, photo from door opening of front of the interior, photo pf the back of the interior, center stack, gauges, anything else of interest, trunk and engine bay.

Photos should not be blurry.

The review should include how the vehicle in question stacks up to its chief rivals, room design, power, ease of use, etc.

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Create a score system (1-5 or 1-10) to rate the product in comparison to the competition: fit and finish, price, ride quality, interior noise, etc. Each test should also include a brief history of the model : ex Buick Lucerne replaced the LeSabre/Park Avenue for the 2006 model year..... Also sales date for the model tested would be cool.

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I would strongly vote AGAINST direct comparisons.

First off : this requires 1 car review to encompass many car reviews to even be 'published'... but primarily;

2nd : incessant comparisons in general are a trap most of the rags have fallen into over the years, and it's majorly misleading. Car 1 wins, therefore cars 2-5 are 'losers'. It is mostly the verbage used: sensationalistic to attempt to increase sales AND to help support point differences, even tho they are not infrequently by margins of 1%. It's greatly reduced their credibility over the years, and it'd be refreshing to see the trend broken.

Describe & analyse the vehicle, it's specs, it details, let it stand on it's own merits, and avoid confusing the picture with 2 dozen subjective comparisons to a slew of other vehicles. Cars should be a whole, not merely a collection of parts.

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Well I for one, want to know how car stack sup against its competition. You can compare directly via actual driving experiences or indirectly via horsepower ratings, interior volume, and so on. It doesn't have to include every rival, namely the closest one. Sure it may take a little bit of research, but that's what separates well written articles from "I liked it". Some research and facts, something a lot of people and a lot of rags seem to forget to do.

It doesn't need to be a requirement,n it can be an option should you be so inclined. However, if I drove a Frontier, I would probably draw comparisons to the Colorado I drove, because they compete.

I like the idea of a score system.

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