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A Horse With No Name

Cool Buick Moment at Todays Autocross

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So today I am surrounded by my Japanese/Euro car nut friends at our local Autocross. One of the MINI guys, Allen chimes in "That new Buick Lacrosse is a Hot car!" and he says it in the reverent tone we used to use when I was a teenager and we were talking about GTO's and SS 396 Chevelles.

The Suburu guys chimed in and talked about how beautiful the car was, and how much better it was than a Lexus. The Miata guys all talked about how nice the interior was, and the Honda guys were talking about how nice the powertrain was and how well built they thought it was.

Mind you, at 44 I was the oldest guy of about 12 of us in the group. NONE of these guys is a real huge domestic fan...and here they are noticing the new LaCrosse of all things. And by not a real huge domestic fan, they don't hate American cars but not many Amaerican cars are on their "radar"

Interesting to see that the new Buick is making that kind of a splash. I was also standing behind some 40-50 year old females while I was waiting in line for a table at a resteraunt...and they were all gushing about the new LaCrosse. Again, not people who normally get excited about a new Buick.

Just thought I would share this...kind of cool.

Now if we could just get the RWD Caprice approved for civillian sale we would be cooking with gas...


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GM is starting to build the kinds of cars people want not the cars they think they should have. That is the difference.

It so very is. Still taking some time and still not everything 110%, but what a difference.

I got a good laugh today reading an owner review on Edmunds for the new Lacrosse saying they were shopping the Accord but saw a commercial for the new Lacrosse and were taken by the looks...cost more than the Accord would have, but according to them was so much more car.

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huge lacrosse billbaord on i-94 coming home this evening.

had a huge lacrosse and a saying

'buick builds something else for lexus to relentlessly pursue'

or somehting like that.....LOL

aside from interior cheapness, the lacrosse is a nice car.

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66, you should show them the LeSabre v. MR2 vid from the 24 hrs. du LeMons.:lol:

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