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Foreigner 'Can''t Slow Down'


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So I picked this album up, and I think it's an awesome effort. I suppose I'm a bit biased, because I'm a huge Kelly Hansen fan because of his previous band Hurricane, and his stint in Unruly Child, as well as being involved in a bunch of tribute albums. Jeff Pilson's involvement as bassist, and backing vocals only seals the deal.

How about the rest of you? Awesome effort? Or is it nothing without Lou?

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well, Lou has been through hell, and now really is only half the vocalist he was. I saw Foreigner with him at a casino like 10 years ago and his voice was toast back then.

Foreigner is one of my all time fave bands.

That said, I really haven't listened to much of anything since Kelly Hansen joined. For the record, I thought the one album they did with Johnny Edwards was pretty good. I did like Hansen in Hurricane. I think he has developed a following of his own with Foreigner.

I heard this album sold well its first week out of the gate. I will have to listen to it. Mick Jones really is the heart of the sound, but Lou's vocals set them apart. But I think the band lineup the way it is now makes more sense then trying to have Lou Gramm kill all the songs.

Do you have the new Kiss album too?

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I've listened to this a few more times, and I'm still incredibly pleased with it. It's slightly more mellow than the hard rock I'm accustomed to, but that's probably why I like it. 'When it comes to Love' is a great, not too sugary ballad, and 'Angel Tonight' almost sounds like Danger Danger and Giant did a collab. Simply awesome.

Do you have the new Kiss album too?

Nah, I'm not a terribly huge KISS fan, and have a few other albums to chew through from the likes of Lynch Mob, Danger Danger, and the upcoming Winger one.

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melodicrock should have the winger album review up soon.

to me, i love winger 'in the heart of the young' but i think winger was more of a producer creation than the band being good on its own. "can't Get Enuff" is one of the tunes I still turn up to 11 in the car to get a throbbing bass fix, which is a lot easier to do now with Ford Sync. 'play artist winger'

Danger Danger? their first album is a complete classic! they have a new CD right now actually, but the soundbytes didn't resonate with me immediately.. i will have to give it more time.

I will prob get the Kiss CD after i listen to some soundbytes.

did you like Survivor? I just got Jimi Jamison 'Crossroads Moment' in the mail today, and I gotta tell you, its 80's done well. I had heard the new Foreginer was mellow but still good. You might like Crossroads Moment if you like that.

I actually liked the last Foreiger album prior, back in 94 or whatever.....cant even remember the name of it. Song on it 'white lie'. decent CD.

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