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Crazy car plans


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Hi all,

After gauging the intrest on my 05 mustang GT and with some of my end of the year improvments to my finances I have decided to deffinetly go ahead and sell my car.

I will be clear between 4000-6500 selling it via a private sale after paying off the ballance of the loan. I have an additional 3000 in savings that I can put twards a new car.

I will be getting a late 90's early 2000s Jeep in the price range of 5-6k. I don't drive very much anymore and neither does my girlfriend milage wise but we both travel on the weekends and a jeep would be a lot more practical for our active lifestyles, plus right now I have to park on the street and while I can drive my mustang fine in winter weather, getting it out of a snowbank after the plow comes by can take a really really long time, and I have to wait for the roads to get plowed if there is well over a foot of snow like two weeks ago. With a jeep I don't have to worry about this stuff.

This plan is two tier though, ultimatley the jeep will be my girlfirends car, she will pay me the purchase price back by August at which point I will transfer the title to her, then I will put down 10k on top of whatever incentives Ford has plus Ford x-plan pricing to get myself a new 2011 412 hp mustang GT! By then I will have moved to a new appartment complex where I can park the car in a lot or maybe even a garage as well.

Big plans this year. I'll miss my mustang in the mean time but we really need a vehicle my girlfirend can drive short term because I tried teaching her to drive stick and it aint happening.

If anyone wants the mustang I'll sell it cheaper to a C&Ger, 2005 GT manual with 70k for only 13000!

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Drop it off at this place first:http://www.burnsvilleoffroad.com/Motorswap.aspx

I recommend the 7.2 with the manual. :smilewide:

Whoa that's a lot of money, but who cares. I plan on winning the lottery this weekend to kick off 2010, so I'm there!:)

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