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Wacky weather


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This has been the month of Januray:

Cold...wait 3 days...Cold with 20 mph winds (high tems in the teens, wind chills in the negatives)...wait three days...6 inches of snow...wait 6 days...high temps in the 50's...wait 3 days...high temps in the 60's...wait 3 days...monsoon...wait 3 days...back to being cold (and windy, but not nearly as bad as earlier in the month)...wait 3 days...6 inches of snow

I'm almost certain that I have lived 3 of the 4 seasons in the last 29 days. Even better, people here do stupid $h! whilst driving in the snow. For example, today I was at a red light, the light turned green, so I went on my merry way, some guy driving a Magnum on the cross street decided he was going to turn onto the street I was on, so he pulled out in front of me and fishtailed. Then he regained control for a few hundred feet, then for some unknown reason, began to fishtail again.

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This further assures the fact I will never set foot in MO (so there's a huge load off of your mind Satty).

Besides the fact that MO is basically Bullitt County on a massive scale, the winters there sound about as reliable as a Toyota accelerator pedal. (Yes, a meth joke, KY/MO joke, and a Toyota joke all in the same sentence. Put a ribbon around me.)

At least winter here has been winter for once: cold, wet, miserable, and mostly gray, gray, fucking gray. In fact, there should be almost a half-foot of snow on the ground by the time I wake up tomorrow and I've already went drifting in an empty parking lot in my friend's Silverado to welcome this new round of snow.

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My sister said it was snowing this afternoon in Charlotte when she went to the airport..that's not very common there, I believe? Was mid 60s and sunny today in Phoenix...weather's been great here this month so far, with a storm, some rainy days, and some incredible sunsets.

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