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My brother Jeff does not understand what it is to be a car enthusiast,he asks me

"What is the purpose of having a car?" "Why would you want a car?"

he means besides getting from point to point, what does a car do for you?

i tried to explain but i want to know your opinions on this

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it's just priorities in life. I like the action of driving a car, but there are times when the last thing I want to do is drive and I'd rather take a good public transit to get me where I need to go. I hate driving to work, but I love to drive.

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Um, yeah...good luck explaining the sheer exhilaration of driving to someone who doesn't feel it.

i told him you either have it or don't like someone who doesn't see it can never understand it, and it doesn't leave you even if it is you trying to explain it to someone

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does he like thrill rides? roller coasters?... or how about mountain biking, or something like that?

from the aesthetic side, can he admire a painters skill, a sculptors...

can he admire the engineering that goes into an f1 engine? the stretch of the valves are calculated at such rpms so that they will perform as they are needed and not cause other problems?

some parts of cars are still quite "medieval", but still think of all that had to go into a vehicle to get to where we are now...performance from a model A to the 50's, 70, to the 90's to now... the safety innovations in the same time period, the reliability issues that have been mostly vanquished... and to beable to be in control of such a refined, or sometimes unrefined, machine....

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There is far more to it than just the thrill of driving. One could call themselves a car enthusiast because they enjoy driving a high-performance machine, but that same person might care less about classic cars. For others, it's the cultural connection and historical information surrounding a car or car company.

Personally, I enjoy cars, but I'm not an all-out classic lover. There are plenty of muscle cars I would look at and wonder what others find so fascinating about them when they aren't particularly attractive to me, and handle like wheel barrows.

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There are many types of car enthusiasts. There's the enthusiast who loves classic cars, the who loves modern cars, the enthusiast who loves specific kinds of cars, the enthusiast who follows the automotive world and news, the enthusiast who does their own work because they enjoy it, and more than just maintenance, but things to improve and personalize it, there's the enthusiast who loves to drive, and will take their car for a drive not because they have anywhere they need to be, because they want to drive their car,there's the enthusiast who likes some or all of the different aspects.

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