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A cheap SUV?


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With the Cobalt's last payment nearing soon....I've been doing the usually "eyeballing" of cars...

I plan to somehow hold out on a new car for a little while (I still want to see the newer models)

Anyways, I've had a few friends pick up some late model SUVs " do them up"....The most recent bud picked an 02 Blazer in good shape, and is prepping it for his family. He is along the same line of thinking as I.....a family truck for trips and such, not a DD.

I posted this idea a while back with a tahoe/burb.....but the ones I looked at had been pretty much rusted away at the prices they wanted for them...

I nosed around, and seen some pretty decent deals on Blazers, early Trailblazers, and early 00s Ford Explorer...

Now, I realize money will be poured into this truck, which I have no issue with.

In fact, if I don't buy new, I be replacing stuff anyways... (oil, fluids, filters....yes, I am that anal.:neenerneener: )

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Well, the GMT-360s are popular still, and as long as you do your research on the specific year & model you'd be buying you should be good (you know that I'm a fan of Envoys, having leased an '05 SLT and now financing a pre-owned '06 SLT, and others like Oldsmoboi that likes the Olds Bravada). I find the Atlas 4200 I6 to be a great engine and everyone I know with an Envoy (or Trailblazer or Bravada or Rainier) likes the power and performance of it too. Parts should be plenty too, given that there are so many of these SUVs on the roads. Mine fits the family well (five of us now, including one booster seat and one infant carrier). The Bravada, Envoy and Trailblazer all came out early CY 2001 (for MY 2002) and there are plenty of used ones out there (I constantly see a ton of 2002-2004 advertised in my local Auto Shopper magazine with decent mileage). I'd suggest the 1998-2001 Blazer/Jimmy/Bravada, but I don't like their crash ratings, especially for a family hauler. Plus the GMT-360s are bigger than the S-series trucks and border almost on the full-size side.

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