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Camino LS6

Hey 68

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From 1 page of my local Auto Trader:

1) 1978 Buick Electra 225 coupe, 46k original, no rust $5,600.00

2)1971 Buick Riviera boattail, 455, 70k original,second owner $6,500.00 or best

3) 1973 Buick Riviera boattail $2,500.00

4)1978 Cadillac flower car 76k original $4,900.00

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Here's an interesting one: '92 Fleetwood Brougham 15k original $9,800.00

Man if I could finance tht I'd drive to Hawaii to pick it up!!!

!5K is super low, after all my old F.B. had 185,000 when I sold it.

I miss it ofen but the Q's land-yacht suspension has made me

feel rright at home. :)

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'm in the middle of my Suprise B-day party so I gotta run. :P

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Man if I could  finance tht I'd drive to Hawaii to pick it up!!!

Just watch out for that big puddle along the California/Hawaii border.

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Well, my B-day is the April 10th. (monday) But Marica had been secretly ploting

a suprise party. When I dropped off the baby at the in-laws I grabbed a few

cigars from Ayottes and drove home. Mean time I was beggining to suspect that

something was up. There was a few fishy things that seemed to point to a party

of the surprise type. So I drive home & slowed down by the local pizza joint, it's

called "Pizza Pizzaz" and they're litteraly an 1/8 of a mile away from the house.

So I took a hard look in their huge parking lot but did not recognize any cars. Not

the Egg, the Dodge Ram, Rustang Cobra, Beretta, Robin's truck... not one car

was there that I'd recognize.

So I was like, Woah... I guess we're not doing a suprise party after all.

Then I pulled inot the driveway & parked the Infiniti next to Kevin's Ram 1500,

his new Kawasaki ATV is strapped down in the bed, so I'm thinking we are just

going to hang out wiht Kevin & his G/F Jenny. But when I open the door a flash

goes off and a small mob screams "Surprise!".

It was a cool party, XP715 & SpeedingPenguin showed up later and a good time

was had all around. XP was playing Redneck Golf which got my G/F pissed but

that's to be expected, it was a good party as partys go. ell it would have been

perfect had there not been a few annanounced people who showed up. If I'm

drinking etc. and a bunch of my buddys are over it's cool because we only

invite people who are respectful and we can trust. But I'm in no mood for

having friends of friends show up who I've neevr met or ever heard about.

It's not the right vibe. I'm not in my own element and frankly I'm too old for

this type of freekin drama. I'll be turning 27 tomorrow, this si like H.S. $h!,

showing up annanounced and assuming you can crash a party even though

you've never met the people before in your life. SpeedingPenguin was the

youngest guy here and he was one of the most respectful people at the party

unlike a few who just showed up unannounced.

In any case I've made out pretty damn well with my presents this year!

- My Dad & Mom got me a Laptop!!! (I'm C&Ging form the living room) :D

- Marcia got me a whole bunch of clothes & two pairs of shoes, & some super

cool boxers... Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon with the moon on the ass,

and even better, a pair of Lynrd Skynrd boxers. Now that's a bitchin gift!

- Audrie got me a really cool COLIBRI butane lighter wiht my last name

engraved into it. And she got me a refil bottle cause she thinks ahead. :)

- Ross (XP) got me a Datsun Bluebird Model

- Speeding Penguin (Chris) burned a bunch videos of my recent foolishness

onto a CD as Quicktimes! That's a super cool gift right there cause now I can

post some of that sillyness.

- Robin got me a gag gift (1:12th scale Suzuki Crotch Rocket model) but he

didn't ave to get me anything since he hooked me up wiht a playstation 2

this past Christmas. For his B-Day last year Marcia & I mailed him a big

Priority Mail Envelope full of discount Porn. :P

- Kevin & Jenny got me a gift card to Autozone! Now that's a cool gift.

- Chris & Izabela bought me a gift card to Trader Joes so I can fight off

being home sick for Slovakia by scarfing down some good quality Chocolate

of the hazlenuts, raspberry & German Milk Chocolate variety. I love that

place... god it's the only place besides Lindt that has decent Chocolate in the

USA. (I love American cars but the Chocolate & Beer we are not so good at)

- Rich "Naydoe-Tornadoe" got me one of those briefcase-bags for my Laptop.

And I'm sure I'm forgeting a few things.... like the wireless router, wireless

optical mouse etc.

BTW; Love those 2" wide white walls on that Bitchin Wagon. :)

Posted Image

Perhaps if the payment on the Q comes out higher than we hope for I'll just

start looking for a 1996 Fleetwood Brougham. that's both a classic car, a

super comforteble Land Yatch with a Floaty Suspension & it's a Cadillac.

Not just any Cadillac, the last true Caddy. No compromoises, no bull$h! just

a super-fine looking body on a full size frame with a powerful pushrod V8

pushing the car down the road wiht two rear tires hidden under wheel-skirts.

The reason why that's realistc is because I can still finance it. It's 10 years old

this si the last year I can maybe pick up a low milage one without having to

pay cash for it. As much as I would die for a 72 Boattail daily driver I live in

N.E. and I can not subject a car like that to the salt and sand all over the roads

here from Nov. to April. Plus I do not have $6000 cash to buy a classic with.

I'll be lucky to get $4000 for my Camaro if I sell it wit the motor and take the

money and run. Then it's 1959 B uick time!

Alright I'm hungover and rambling... Thanks for the sugestions guys... all

excellent vehicles that I would be proud to park in my driveway, except

for the Lincoln LS, :P never been a big fan of the I"'m a BMW Lincoln". But

it's still a LOT better than the Zephyr. <_<

Still shocked by the 15K original Fleetwood.... wow.

Edited by Sixty8panther

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My new Gateway Laptop :wub:

Posted Image

And the super cool Lynrd Skynyrd Boxers!

Posted Image

And here's Robin just as he walks through the door. In the time

it took him to walk from his truck to the front door he already

finished off half a beer. This guy's an animal. Same guy I went

camping with last year around this time. :)

Posted Image

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Uh, look at that glad hand. He's just sooo happy to be there with you, Sly! :P

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Robin is a wicked cool dude, he's drink Stalin, Rasputin & Ted Kennedy under the table!

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I will say, Robin seems like a pretty funny guy! Your story about him waking up, rolling over, and hearing a can crack open said it all!!! haha

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Yeah... plus he thinks a balanced diet consists of 100% red meat.

BTW: WMJ, Tyngsboro Motors is about 1.5 miles up the street from me.

I've posted photos of cars from there before. Like that black Firehawk.

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