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Super Sport details from the Vegas Dealer Show

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Here is what I have from someone who manger went to the GM dealers show. Take it for what it is but I think it is pretty much on the mark as it is what I expected to here. I figured It would be limited as already stated by Al Oppenhiser. As it will have a LS3. I had hoped for the Gen V but I expect that it will be seen in a later model or a Alpha based replacment at some point. GM will need all the new Gen V they can get at start up for the trucks anyways. Also I am not sure if the Gen V is ready for the global market yet.

Any ways here is a little of what was stated.

Okay, so my manager and the owner of the dealership just got back from the Vegas show. They didn't get any pictures or anything but they said they saw models for ALL of the upcoming vehicles for 2014. They focused most of their time on telling me about the high volume vehicles(Silverado, Cruze, Traverse) But then they mentioned the C7 Corvette and I knew it was coming. Finally he brought up the Chevy SS. He said it is gorgeous. He used words like "sleek" and "sharp" and then my manager chirped in a nice little gem. He said, very specifically, 6.2L LS3 engine. He seemed very confident in his statement and went on to say that the volume of these vehicles available will mimic that of a C7 Corvette(very unfortunate) and that they anticipate much more demand for the vehicle than there will be supply(basically this car will be a bitch to get your hands on). He finished off by saying that although this is a limited volume vehicle, we should definitely make a commitment to learning about the vehicle because even if it doesn't sell a lot, it will certainly bring customers in to the showrooms(As I assume that is it's intent)

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Should it matter to you anyways as we already know your complaints. LOL!

IOW, G8, part 2.

I expect G8 GXP 2.0. If they move this car to the magnetic suspension it will turn some heads with the handling. That suspension can make this fat lady dance in ways never thought possible.

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