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William Maley

Nissan News: Nissan's Executive Vice President Gives Some Details On Future Products

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By William Maley

Staff Writer - CheersandGears.com

January 17, 2013

Automobile magazine had a chance to talk with Nissan's executive vice president, Andy Palmer at the Detroit Auto Show. Palmer gave some details about what is coming down the pipe within the next few years.

Starting with the Nissan Resonance concept, Palmer says the concept is "close" to what the next-generation Murano will look like.

“It’s a true expression of what we believe the next, third-generation Murano should look like. We need to wow and awe again,” Palmer said.

One Murano model that won't be returning for the next generation is the CrossCabriolet.

“It was an experiment. It was an expression of our ability to express ourselves, it was a designer’s expression of what you can do. Successful or not, I think it’s very memorable, so it didn’t do us any harm,” said Palmer.

The Resonance concept also has certain design elements like the deep-V front grille and “floating” roof treatment, will be used on other Nissans to improve the family resemblance.

“If you look at the industry, you have the corporate grille, right?” he says. “But you don’t see a lot of expression on side views… [A common look] should go right the way through the exterior and the interior."

Palmer says the Resonance concept's hybrid powertrain (2.5L inline-four, two clutches, a continuously variable transmission, and an electric motor) will be used in the Altima, Pathfinder, and next-gen Murano. Palmer didn't give an date as to when the vehicles will debut, only saying they would arrive within the next couple of years. Palmer also said the company will out more hybrid vehicles.

“We’ll launch 15 Nissan hybrids by 2016.”

Don't expect Nissan to go hybrid crazy. Palmer says Nissan is “agnostic” about hybrids, but is “fanatical” about full-electrics like the Leaf.

Source: Automobile Magazine

William Maley is a staff writer for Cheers & Gears. He can be reached at william.maley@cheersandgears.com or you can follow him on twitter at @realmudmonster.

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wow, if they truly pull off 15 hybrids by 2016 then they will be in the competition.

GM needs to get the VOLT technology into more auto's. Full size SUV's can handle much bigger battery packs for longer range.

Personally, I could go for 800HP of electric motors in an awd Suburban with a small Diesel or CNG generator. :D

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