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J Reinhardt

PIAA Super Silicone Wipers

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So I installed these on my Subaru 6 months ago and thought I'd share my review.

PIAA Super Silicone Wipers

"18 Passenger Side

"24 Driver's Side


I ordered these from tirerack.com. They're about $25 each. I'm from Canada so the conversion and shipping almost came up to $100. So they're obviously the most expensive pair of wipers I've ever purchased.

Installation was quite simple. The wipers come with several clips adaptors so there should be one suitable for the type of wiper assembly your car has. Mine is the hook type so it was just a matter of taking off the old wipers and clipping on the new one.

Once installed, it is recommended to leave your wipers running for about 10 minutes so that they can spread the silicone coating evenly on your winshield. I did it for about 5 minutes instead.

So six months later and they still work really well. No streaking, no noises and any rain just beads off the windshield.

However, I wouldn't recommend them due to the price I paid for it because you can a similar set of wipers for much less that will do the same job. I just wanted to try out a PIAA product as I heard good things about them and can't find them anywhere where I live.

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My problem with Bosch Icons is that they work awesome for about 4 months, and then the performance drops off very quickly. I've used Rain-X Lattitudes, they're alright but while they seem to have a longer overall life, they never worked as well as the Icons. I've used Trico Flex wipers, I got 2 years out of my first set. I would say they aren't quite as good new as the Icons, but they wear much better and last longer, and they still work very good.

I want to try the Trico Onyx blades next.

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I had the Bosche wipers on my last car for a few months before I sold it and they worked pretty well. I find that if you also use the Rain X spray as well. It better protects the windshield.

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I don't bother to coat the windshield with Rainx. The gallon jug of RainX washer fluid only costs $4 and it keeps the treatment on the windshield pretty well, plus I can always re-apply it with the touch of a button.

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