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Camaro - The Treacherous Journey To Production

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Notice in that picture: The younger folks are working on the Camaro whereas the older folks are working the Enclave..

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Of course it's the Enclave, what else would it be... look at the

sheetmetal and think abotu what other concept was unveiled

at the same time as the Camaro...

Posted Image

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<_< O.k., I read the article, more of the same. I loved some of the drawings of what various versions will be...BUT...it is not 1969 any more. I hope that GM is NOT going to build us the new Chevy Rustang...that is the WRONG Target! Don't believe me? Look at the Ford lots...they are backing up.

I have posted this elsewhere, but GM needs to look at the market and see where the cars are that are selling. A big motor and a bare bones interior would be fun, but it is NOT what is going to sell 150,000 units a year any more. The car needs to compete with the G35 coupe, 350Z ( not so much, but it is a coupe ), the BMW 3-series coupe, the VW GTI, The Honda Civic SI, and to some extent, the Mustang. All of the cars, aside from the Mustang have upmarket interiors, sophistication, handling AND speed. The Camaro, if it will compete in today's market is going to need to STOMP on the above list of cars and do so for a few grand less then the lowest priced unit in the group (excluding the give-a-way Civic).

The new Camaro will need to be screwed together tight like a BMW, handle like it is on rails, and be comfortable while doing it. Yes, I am all for being able to order the car without ANYTHING in it for you hard core guys...go for it...but I really think to lure masses of people into the new car, GM is going to have to show the world that the Camaro of 2008/9 is NOTHING like anything that carried the Camaro badge before. It is not a snap together Revel model any more, but a quality piece that will make you want to shave the mullet and Armorall the tires on the mobile home. Without that, I am afraid the Camaro of the future will be the next GTO failure.

I am secure in noting that Holden is building the prototypes...so maybe some of the Euro influence that we saw in the Former GTO will carry over. Even though the market did not embrace the GTO, it was a very well screwed together piece with one of the best interiors that GM has put out in years. Maybe that will carry over? We can only hope.

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