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Lately I've been bringing truckloads of.... stuff home, all sorts of interesting vintage tidbits, parts, tools & whatnot. Tonight was boxes of factory & aftermarket mechanical parts. Anyone need an NOS fuel pump/filter for a '47 Willys?

Maybe someone here recognizes these 2 caps :

This one reminded me of the '79 Eldorado caps (the section with the holes is cast metal, so it's rather heavy for a hubcap), but it's not that. No holes for a center emblem is a puzzler, too. It's not going to be post '85, I believe.


This one I've never seen before, is reminding me of '60s/early 70s Jeep (I think it's the red stripe), but I've not placed it yet. Another one without any sign of an emblem.


This was just too cool to leave behind (it was in a dumpster), made of painted plaster. I don't think it has anything to do with Pontiac, but I'm sure many Pontiac fans would overlook that.


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Kenworth Truck manufacturing plant has this temp setup, you see the framed semi's with engines running from the one plant to the custom plant where they get their special body and going around the city of Renton here you see the guys on a temp seat driving the semis with no bodies. Pretty funny looking.

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What are U seeing, Bill? About the only exterior differences in the '71 & 72 442 according to my sources was grille color & tails. The car VINs out as a '72....



The light in my above pic is a bit wonky.

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Looked in the hubcap interchange, from '63ish to '76ish... and the only thing was a type G-47, L-37 or X-43 for the top hubcap... which are for big Mopars like Monacos and Furys for '72 and '73. Unfortunately, I could find no supporting photos online.

Can't find my '78ish to '92ish hub cap interchange.

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Oh, I had a thought about the other hubcap... while searching for photos of the top hubcap, I noticed that while a lot of companies have employed the red stripe, Dodge has done it a bit more often. Since a whole bunch of Mopar hubcaps seem to be without logos, I wonder if the second hubcap is a pre-Fratzog Dodge hubcap... I don't think its Jeep, as I recall Jeep featuring red/brown during the '60s and red/blue when AMC owned them. Other than that, I'm stumped.

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