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Input on new tires for my '08 Pontiac G6

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What are the treadwear warranties on each?

60k on the BFGoodrich tires, 55k on the General Tires

Unfortunately you can't see them that well in this picture because everything was still wet but the Altimax HP's looked good on it and they performed very well.


I can see them well enough. They definitely are the looker of the two tires I'm considering. Thanks for posting the Bonneville pic, it's great to see these tires on an actual car.

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The General Tire Altimax HPs; I'm getting them installed Friday afternoon. The original shop I emailed for a price that didn't get back to me I decided to follow-up one last time. They quoted me the best price after all - $480 installed (the other shop quoted me $588 installed). So I said order them and I'll be there Friday. I'll post pictures and my initial impression Friday afternoon.

Thanks everyone for your input and advice, you made this an easier process. And thanks 2QuickZ's for your tire recommendation and supporting evidence :)

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Opps, I made a big mistake. I wasn't sure I heard the guy right on the phone the other day, so I called again this morning to double check and the price is $580 installed, not $480. I was trying to figure out on my drive in to work how he was able to undercut the other shop by $108 bucks (that's like a free tire!). So anyway, I'm still going with the GTs.

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While I always caution that opinions may vary, in this particular case I think you made a safe decision and will be happy with your purchase. Since I am the one that enthusiastically recommended them, I hope that to be the case so you don't come looking for me later! :D

Since they are unidirectional, it goes without saying to rotate often and make sure you keep it in proper alignment so you don't get any odd wear that would normally be mitigated by swapping side to side.

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If I haven't recommended it already, there is a great app I use called aCar on Android. Even if you dont track fuel economy with it, it is a great way to get reminders for things like tire rotations, oil changes, insurance / inspection expiration reminders. Just need to update the odometer reading in the app once a month or so.

Every time you do something to the car, just enter the mileage and rhe service performed.

It's great for me since both the CRV and Toronado are hardly driven anymore and there is no way I'll remember the last time I did something..

It worked out well for me to prove I did tire rotations on schedule on the CRV even though Costco wasn't always the one performing the rotations.

Edit: you can modify the maintenance interval for any service or item to match manufacturer recommendation, so if these tires require a more frequent rotation interval to maintain warranty, you can adjust for that.

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Sorry, I don't recall seeing this post :blush:

So far, so good. The G6 had a slight vibration at highway speeds with the old Michelins, and it has it with the new General Tires too (speeds over 60+ MPH). I don;t think it's the tires but more the suspension or steering translates a lot of road vibration at the higher speeds (of course the G6 is included in the electric power steering recall :scratchchin: ). As for wet traction is has done extremely well in all the rain we've been experiencing lately and on dry pavement I've noticed braking is much better (feels more confident, but that could be from more tread [Michelin's were pretty bad]). The look of the tire is awesome and I find myself staring at the wheels more :lol:

I can't say I regret buying this tire at this time.

Once I get a chance to clean up the outside and the tires I'll post some pics.

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The power steering recall would have no effect on the road vibration at higher speeds.

That recall, IMHO, is rather silly.... we don't go around recalling other vehicles just because the accessory belt could snap some day, do we? The net effect of the electric power steering in the G6 failing would be the same as a belt failing in any other car with traditional power steering. GM should have just extended the warranty on the unit to some crazy high mileage and change them out if and when they fail.

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